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I am so dreadfully sorry to have come across this. So sorry to hear of Marvin's passing...I met Marvin in NYC on a unforgettable visit to that wonderful city in 2009. On stumbling upon Small's Jazz club, and almost literally stumbling over Marvin coming down the stairs, we struck up a conversation... then the band set up and Marvin unleashed his magical words, while the band made quiet music behind him. One of the most mystical, fascinating nights of my life and I'll never forget Marvin. He should have been a celebrated elder of NYC and I can't believe he was headed for a pauper's grave - what a wonderful gentleman was Mr Wildstein...

alain pacowski

Thank you so much for gloving an update on where Marvin was buried. I was a friend of him and I visited him often on his last 2 years in the sordid nursing home where he resided. We read together his great poems. When he passed away I could not get any info for the hospital, nor being a member of his family.
I would like to visit him at the cemetery, and would like more info on the need for a memorial stone.
thank you,



Hi Alain,
Thank you for your comment. Marvin is buried in Mount Richmond Cemetery on Staten Island. We are not sure if there is a headstone and we planning to help fund one too. We have emailed a friend of his who has been traveling to find out more. Once we do I will post information on this blog.

alain pacowski

Thank you Charleene,


Hi Alain, I called the Free Hebrew Burial Society and they told me that Marvin has a headstone. This wonderful society offers not only free burial but also headstones for those who die in poverty. They accept contributions and these funds are used for providing these services. At one point this spring we are going there to visit the grave. We are thinking around the time of Marvin's passing - April. I will post something once we decide on a date and maybe it can be a memorial gathering for him?

alain pacowski

Thanks so much Charleene. Glad to gear that Marvin did get a headstone.
And I would love to participate to this memorial around April 1. Thank you for keeping me posted!


Hi Alain, We have nothing scheduled yet but I will let you know when it is planned. Thank you.

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