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Why do I feel your article is just incomplete and it surely is not appealing to me? How will it convince the other people…?You’ve got to do something with this problem of yours and try to do well before you lose your fan followers too.


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Great post! I would also recommend carrying a safety alarm.
Check out this one, it's more of a decent one, http://www.talenthouse.com/creativeinvites/show/submission/detail/4N59JR

Susan Fredricks

Your point is well taken but the article is generally focused on college students and communicating information on how to stay safe regardless if they know the predator or not.  I understand what you are saying in getting the school and communities need to get more involved and pursue tougher laws for rapists, and those are very viable topics, which I will pursue in later blogs.  Thanks very much for your input.  It is much appreciated. 




You quote that you know that most attackers know their victims, yet your tips are basically tips for stranger rapes. Often there aren't date rape drugs involved with college rape - alcohol itself is used and people are intoxicated to the point where they are unable to consent.

I think this puts way too much burden on potential victims and doesn't really talk about how the school communities need to get serious about sexual violence prevention and punishing rapists.

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