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Nancy J. Matthews

I think that violence doesn't come out of nowhere. Especially domestic violence. Anyway, I can't understand any woman who tries to conceal it and save the family. Thanks a lot for this guide on defense!

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I normally prefer reading news paper every day, but one fine day while checking my e-mails, one of my friends ping me your article. I wasn’t very keen in reading thinking that it would be a trash, but later after reading it I realized that I was wrong and your article was just out of the world. I should thank my friends now!!!

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The shooting massacre in Colorado simply let us know how dangerous society can be. This had to be the worst shooting Massacre in U.S history. It's unbelieveable to see a man kill 12 innocent people, injure 58 with 30 being in critical condition. May our prayers be with their Family. However, this is the reason why we have to take self defense seriously. People have to learn to be aware, take self defense classes or even carry handguns or non-lethal weapons. However, we can't sit back an allow these incidents to happen. This was horrible. May God be the victims families. May the suspect receive the maximum penality for his actions.

Lyla Burns

My husband and I recently moved away from our family for schooling. Now we have opposite schedules and i'll be getting home late at night by myself a few nights a week. My husband is making me take a personal safety training Virginia course. http://www.bluelinesecuritygroups.com Hopefully I won't have to use it!


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Christina Beard-Moose

Can you tell me the source of the top-most drawing? I would like to use it for a poster on stopping Violence Against Women and want to ask for permission. Thank-you. CBM

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I thank thee that I am none of the wheels of power but I am one with the living creatures that are crushed by it.


You are correct. Everyone should carry products for self defense. In my opinion you should carry a Taser, or stun gun and pepper spray because each situation is different.

Pepper spray may be best for more than one attacker, while a Taser will take down an attacker without having to hit a face.

A personal alarm will gather attention, help or even scare away an attacker.

All of these are designed to help you get away and get some help.

Duress Alarm

This is a great post, thank you for sharing it with us! I appreciate the advice. I think everyone should have a personal duress alarm especially when a woman's career requires her to meet strangers alone in unknown areas.

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