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February 2009

Poop Street Art

Before the pooper scooper laws in NYC there was an artist who would quietly and stealthily add whipped cream and a cherry on top of the mounds and mounds of dog poop that lined Minetta Street in Greenwich Village NYC. I wish I had a photo of that because it looked amazing!

Many years and a pooper-scooper-law-in-place later, there is a new dog poop decorater in town now on Manhattan's Upper East Side according Jennifer 8 Lee of the New York Times.

Stan O’Connor, a local tour guide posted a video of the work on YouTube. The artist spray-paints dog droppings that are being left on the sidewalk and after the dog waste is removed, the bright rings of orange and green spray paint remain, reminding passers-by of what used to be there. Bravo, brave and intrepid pooch poop artist!

John Wellington Art Opening

John Wellington is a wonderful NYC based painter whose haunting work contains many disparate elements including Asian popular culture that is blended in a surrealistic way with New York City. And there is also a political leif motif.

Well don't listen to me. View the video and hear it from the artist himself.

This video was taken at his gallery opening called "Going For B'roque" on February 13, 2009 at a gallery Jack the Pelican on 487 Driggs Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.



KAWS is a street artist from the late 1990s who now has a successful line of clothing and a partnership with a toy company in Tokyo. He is best know for his bus stop and advertising altering wheatpastes.

Here is an example from 1997:

AP Says Shepard Fairey's Obama is Copyright Infringement

Well here is an interesting twist to the now very famous and revered Obama portrait by Shepard Fairey.
Associated Press says that Fairey infringed on their copyright - his street art inspired portrait of the President was lifted from an AP photo of Obama. What do you think?
A poster of President Barack Obama, right, by artist Shepard Fairey is shown for comparison with this April 27, 2006 file photo of then-Sen. Barack Obama (on the left) by Associated Press photographer Manny Garcia at the National Press Club in Washington.
Fairey has acknowledged, the poster is based on the AP photograph. (AP Photo/Manny Garcia/ Shepard Fairey)

Bad News For Street Art

Some folks will tout this as a good thing but I disagree! I think I will visit Astoria....

Civilians, cops tag-team vs. graffiti

Tuesday, January 27th 2009, 1:00 AM

Queens has made major strides in the war on vandalism. Graffiti complaints dropped dramatically across the borough in 2008 — including a 20% decline in Queens’ northern precincts — even as citywide totals jumped more than 10%, according to preliminary NYPD stats. The number of graffiti complaints includes calls from the public to report vandalism to the NYPD, as well as all graffiti-related criminal charges the NYPD files against suspects after they’re arrested.

In addition, cops collared 214 fewer taggers in Queens than they had in 2007 — a 23.1% drop that contrasted with a 10% leap citywide in graffiti arrests, NYPD records show.

Skeptics warn the numbers may indicate only a lack of vigilance in reporting graffiti and catching offenders — not a true dip in the colorful crimes — but others view them as a major accomplishment.

Rounding out Queens' top five precincts for graffiti complaints in 2008 were Astoria's 114th, Richmond Hill's 102nd, Long Island City's 108th and Flushing's 109th.

The NYPD did not respond to requests for comment.

Electronic Road Sign Graffiti

What will they think of next?

Street artists (well I think of them as street artisits) have been re-programming electronic road warning signs and changing the messages. Instead of saying "Roadwork Ahead" or "Traffic Problem Ahead", the signs might read "Daily Lane Closures Due to Zombies" or "Nazi Zombies Ahead". I love this.

Altering the status quo with clever, subversive and sometimes funny work is definitely in the street art family!

Shepard Fairey

First a program on his work on Ovation and now an artist in the Smithsonian?

I love the fact that Shepard Fairey is getting the recognition he deserves. His work is amazing and a treat to see on the streets of New York and Miami (and probably many other cities as well).