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March 2009

Who Is Watching the Watchmen? - Advertising

The new movie Watchman had graffiti based advertising campaign.

While I liked the movie I did not appreciate the faux-graffiti all over town saying "Who Is Watching The Watchmen". I think that this type of campaign contributes to the idea that street art is blight and makes it more difficult to see graffiti as an art form to be welcomed and appreciated.

But there was one bit of Watchmen movie based street art that I believe was not part of the studio advertising effort.

This was spied in New York City's West 4th Street subway station. Our President Obama as Dr. Manhattan....?

Art Raw Gallery

Four small artist proof versions of my photographs were part of a large group inaugural show at the Art Raw Gallery on 210 11th Avenue, #905, in the Chelsea art district of New York City.

The opening night on February 19th was too crowded with 300+ artists and their friends and family attending. It was hard to move around, some work was not yet hung and some of the lighting needed to be adjusted. The work could not be appreciated.

So I came back another day to video the gallery and the work. All the work was hung, more lighting was installed and it all fell into place. I was very happy to see how such a wonderful and beautiful range of small works all came together to form a great inaugural show.

The show comes down on March 21 so try to see it before it is over.