Street Art and Graffiti in Ireland
Paralyzed Graffitist Able to Tag Using Eye Movement

Digital Art

David Hockney is creating art ("small paintings") on his iphone. Other artists are using computers and other high tech techniques. Is digital art the next wave? The New York Times says yes, well sort of. There may be some pioneers - collectors, galleries and artists - who are working and collecting in the digital space but how is the art delivered? Currently through DVD's that need to be loaded onto a computer. Questions of authentication, protection, copyright etc all then come into play.

What is true though is that just like photography in the prior century and street art on walls today, digital is a new platform for art. And as such, still needs the creative eye to make it "a work of art". And that transcends platform.

Here is an example of Shane Hope's digital work currently at the Winkleman Gallery in NYC:



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