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December 2009

Web Urbanist Site

I enjoy visiting the Web Urbanist site and just discovered a great retrospective of 3-D street art drawings. They say:

Three dimensional drawing nothing new – the concept itself dates back to the Greeks in the 5th Century BC – but employing perspectival techniques on such a huge scale and with such a broad scope is a much more recent innovation. Some 3D street art takes up dozens of feet of sidewalk to create illusions of depth and three-dimensionality while other mural works cover the entire sides of twelve-story buildings.

Use the link above to see some more of this astounding work.

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42 Works of Geek, Temporary & Reverse Graffiti

Web Urbanist is a great website that covers urban activity in general and art in particular. This specific link takes you to a page of various street artwork - stencil, light and paint - that has humor, outrage and overall energy. Check it out.

"As graffiti and technology evolve alongside one another more and more innovative street artists are mixing media to create radical hybrids of graffiti art, design and technology. Some employ high-tech equipment to project giant graffiti murals while others use it to enhance their street art stealth and portability. Some use tech less directly – as a source humorously geeky inspiration and subject matter."

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Beer and Graffiti?

It used to be Joe Camel. Now advertisers are getting into graffiti type advertising to entice kids to use products. Graffiti-style malt liquor ads are drawing fire from parents and anti-blight advocates in a city known for its colorful murals.

Colt 45  is the most recent culprit. The ads for Colt 45 malt liquor show comic book-style characters clutching bottles and cans of booze. "Works every time," reads the slogan. I am very ambivalent about these ads, generally hating all advertising whether street art-like or not. As a photographer of street art however, I am outraged. I think it denigrades the art form. Okay, maybe that's just me.

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Tattoos That Fail

In case of making a tatoo one Russian proverb comes in very handy. The proverb we are talking about is ” you must measure seven times before you start cutting”. In English there are similiar phrases like, ” score twice before you cut once”. (Although in Russian, they warn to think seven times before acting.) Thinking, scoring and planning are especially important in regard to a tattoo. For those who find it easier not to think seven times, their tatoos cause lot of laughs when are seen by someone for the first time.

Check out http://www.englishrussia.com/ for more examples of bad tattoos.