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February 2010

Graffiti Your Feet: Painted Sneakers Become Collectible Art

Keiji Ando is a young, trend-setting pioneer in the new art of Sneaker Painting. Using Reeboks and Nikes as unlikely canvases, Keiji meticulously hand-paints customized designs and illustrations on each sneaker, ultimately turning each pair into a work of collectible art.

Sneaker art has been around for a while but I haven't found anything as personalized as this that is being offered to the public. Bravo!



Street Art of Love

Just in time for Valentine's Day, I have just published a collection of NYC Street Art photographs with a love theme called Street Art of Love. It is available through Lulu.
Check it out:
Street Art of Love is a collection of NYC street art photographs with a love theme. Photographer Charlene Weisler captures these fleeting and evolving images as part of her Urban Montage portfolio.

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A Musing on Sweethearts for Valentines Day

I always liked sweethearts candy - not to eat, but to save and use in collage. I liked the messages like "Love Me" and the pastel colors. Ah but all of that is changing apparantly. NECCO the makers of sweethearts has changed the flavors and the sayings to make everything so contempo. And so, I am filled with contempo too. Why change a good thing?

And they have also changed the sayings, now to include such romantic ditties as "tweet me" and "text me".
Oh how romantic!