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May 2010

Australian Graffiti

Aussie Found this great flickr account with some amazing graffiti. It is located in the industrial area on the Geelong line between Laverton and Werribee in western Melbourne, Australia. 

Hidden from the view of passing traffic, these installations are visible only to the passengers on the train line. Situated across from the Laverton RAAF base at Aircraft train station, these illegal pieces of art brighten up an otherwise barren industrial landscape.

5 Pointz and the Urban Arts Festival 2010

Just came from 5 Pointz in LIC queens. Today and tomorrow is the International Urban Arts Festival at 5Pointz. Graffiti artists, break dancers, music and events at the world famous 5 Pointz studios.

The rumor was that 5 Pointz and the Crane artist studios located in the building were thrown out because the entire building was condemned. That is apparantly not true. Yes the Crane artist studios are out but 5Pointz is alive and well and still functioning as a focal point of Street Art. MereOne, the CEO of 5Pointz, told me that he wants to create a Graffiti Museum on the site. I hope that can be achieved soon.

Shepard Fairey Mural in Soho NYC

2fairey0410 Street artist Shepard  Fairely was asked to create a mural on the wall in NYC's Houston Street corridor near Braodway. He worked on it for days and it was beautiful! No sooner was Shepard Fairey's mural on Houston Street unveiled than it was labeled as illegal and was threatened to be removed. I wonder when the public will realize that street art is art and has it value and merits just like any other art form.

As of two days ago it was still there and looks great!

Martina Secondo Russo

Martina Secondo Russo is the artist who painted the wonderful women who form the basis of my bathing beauty photos.

Other unknown artists added some flourishes to her work that then created a new series of artworks.

Martina emailed me with the background to the bathing beauty series and also sends a link to her website which is terrific! I love her work! Please visit her site to see her art: mfgallery.net and click on 'martina' at the bottom of the page.

Marvin The Poet

We used to call Marvin "The Mayor of Greenwich Village". That is until he moved to the very trendy Lower East Side. He used to be a gallery owner, representing some of the best emerging artists of the time.

Now he is an accomplished poet whose work is haunting, despairing and cutting. Just like one needs a biscotti with every cup of espresso, art needs poetry. Marvin is a fitting cresendo close to Poetry month. Here is a video of Marvin in action. And you can read his poetry blog here.

Subway Theater

Is street performance street art? I say yes. Here is a video of a group of street performaers who create theater in NYC streets and venues. In this video they had brunch on a NYC subway train. From business meeting to surprise party, the "play" rolls through Manhattan into Brooklyn as curious onlookers .... errr the audience of riders .... looks on. Check it out: