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Street Art Roundtable at Jodi Arnold

Journalist Leona Beasley attended our Street Art Roundtable at Jodi Arnold on October 14 and wrote a great article about it for the Tarrytown Patch. Here are highlights from her article. Please go to the Patch to read the article in its entirety. The link is below....

Weisler - 5ptz Lost Narratives: The Evolution of Street Art with Photographer and Archivist Charlene Weisler

A few evening ago I attended an Art Roundtable entitled Lost Narratives held at Jodi Arnold, a boutique on 56 University Place at 10th Street in NYC. The talk featured Graffiti Artist and Archivist Charlene Weisler whose photography is on display at the Tappan Z Gallery at 51 Main Street in Tarrytown.

Jodi Arnold's fashions and Charlene Weisler's photography came together as a joint venture, a shared initiative where the question of is Graffiti Art, also called Street Art blight or art?

In a lively discussion headed up by Charlene and a panels of artistic types who included Jeanne Frank, a private art dealer and specializing in 20th century art, Megan Innes, an NYU Museum Studies MA candidate, and Michael Stoltz a NYC Art's Educator whose work with youth offers him a unique perspective on the graffiti generation. All shared their ideas about Graffiti Art. The panel was asked to talk about the differences between the terms Public Art, Graffiti Art and Street Art.

Charlene Weisler

"I think in terms of degrees. Public Art is excepted, it's government sanctioned, it's paid for, and is generally established in a set place so it will be there. Street Art is a scrappier version with a certain aesthetic, and it's transitory. Graffiti Art is the shortest of all (lasting time wise) and is the most illegal. It is in general less desirable then Street Art or Public Art. Some say scrolling your name isn't Graffiti Art they see that as tagging. But perhaps if you have enough [scrolls] it could turn into art."

Charlene Weisler photography can be seen at the Tappan Z Gallery 51 Main Street  in Tarrytown, New York. http://www.tappanzgallery.com/.


Read the full article here.


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