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June 2011

The iPad will Save Poetry

There is nothing more exciting then when an old timey media can expand its platform and with the help of tablets like the iPad, staid, bound poetry books suddenly bring poetry to life - literally - with video recitation. Take for example Publisher Faber and Faber which just introduced an app for the TS Elliott poem The Wasteland which is one of my favorites. Watch and be amazed.

The Temple of Dendur at the Metropolitan Museum Hit By Graffiti!

Yes it is true. The sacrosanct Temple of Dendur in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City has been vandalized! Hit with the worst kind of graffiti. It seems that someone or a group of persons unknown, have carved their names, dates, opinions into the stone of the temple destroying parts of the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

This is outrageous! These petty criminals need to be arrested and punished! But how can we do that? This tagging happened hundreds of years ago....

IMG_6396 IMG_6397 IMG_6398

Nike Take Mokum

Sometimes I feel very jaded as if there is nothing new out there. Today I got a creative shot in the arm from a graffiti inspired campaign from Nike. The  background for this was that Nike wanted to make running less boring and age it down (as they say in the media biz) so they created a competition for the best graffiti inspired running paths. Imagine - Graffiti running routes. Who would have thought? Granted it is advertising driven but I do love the creative application of graffiti.

This is Amsterdam based but I would love to see it in NY. This video tell you much more. Bravo to Nike!! 

BTW you can join them on facebook but it is in Dutch.....

Nike Take Mokum from Boondoggle Amsterdam on Vimeo.