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December 2011

The First Graffitists? The Romans

Roman graffiti We all may think that street art and graffiti are modern phenomena but graffiti has a long and storied history - maybe even from cave paintings. Some of the more interesting graffit still exists on the walls in Pompeii. To better understand the ancient Roman world, one archaeologist looks at the graffiti, love notes and poetry alike, left behind by Pompeians

Want to learn how to do it yourself? Try reading Ancient Graffiti in Context (Routledge Studies in Ancient History) and also The common people of Pompeii;: A study of the graffiti, (Johns Hopkins university studies in archaeology)

Please Help Support an Artist - James Rose

LPJames Rose is a painter living in NYC and has been painting life on the street, in the parks and on the subways for several years. Since the begining of October he has been drawing the Occupy Wall Street Movement in Liberty Plaza. He has also become an active member of the Arts and Culture Working Group of OWS.

He needs to do a fundraiser to accomplish his new project which is to make a large oil painting of Liberty Plaza set before the 11/15 police raid and eviction. It will document the energy of the park and the 24 hour buzz that existed there. The fund raiser will cover oil paint and supplies and also the printing costs of color reproductions of the painting.

His kickstarter link is: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1930846724/liberty-plaza-painting

Please help support this project.