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January 2012

Graffiti In It's Intended Use - As a Political Statement


BRAZIL-sao paulo graffiti

The NY Times reports on the use of pichacao graffiti by Sao Paulo's artists to express their dissatisfaction with the country's economic inequities. The interesting and ironic aspect of this movement is that Sao Paulo does not allow any outdoor advertising in the city. No billboards. So the graffiti sprayed in black aerosol paint on the sides of buildings is especially noticeable and jarring. Bravo. 


Flintstones House

Flintstones HouseLocated in Nas montanhas de Fafe in Portugal, it certainly has a prehistoric feel, especially to all of us who grew up watching the Flintstones cartoon. It could come right out of Wilma and Fred's world with the boulders on either side. The house is rather squished at the front with just room for a door and a tiny window above it.

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