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Making Furniture From Garbage

Sabox furniture

This found on Cool News: An Italian paper company Sabox, is turning garbage into cardboard furniture. 

I am not sure this furniture is my taste but I love the idea of turning garbage into usable items. 


"Sabox mixes the best and worst Italy has to offer: the garbage of the Naples area, which shamed us, and the design, creativity and resilience we are known for," says Sabox founder, Aldo Savarese. Sabox's "sleek furniture" is designed by Generoso Parmegiani. It is available in "various colors and shapes, from simple rectangles to sinewy designs that can be pieced together to form desks, bar counters and even chandeliers." 

In addition to using recycled paper, "Sabox uses energy-efficient technology, nontoxic glues and water-based inks." Sabox's business model also helps combat organized crime, which in nearby Naples "moved into waste hauling" as the city's landfills became saturated. And the company also hopes to create a "green district" and "has already enlisted a jar maker, can-lid company and a label maker to serve producers of sauces and pasta in the region."


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I worked at a skate board shop that used to do this all the time. I haven't even thought about this in 7 years. They are going to make a killing from selling these pieces of furniture. It is a smart move on their part to market their products in this age of going green. Thanks for the update keep up the great work.


Hello! I've been following your blog for some time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Texas. Just wanted to tell you keep up the good job!

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All the best for a great 2013!


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its always hard to make furniture from garbage... but I like your ideas.

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