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Martina Secondo Russo

Martina secondo russo

Martina Secondo Russo is a street artist who paints the most beautiful bathing beauties and now she has an exhibit in Italy. It runs through April 26 so if you are planning a trip to Genoa, please stop by the gallery.


Martina Secondo Russo: "Bellezze Al Bagno" & Frank Russo: "Toy Room" (Shared Solo Exhibition)

MF Gallery Genova is proud to present two solo shows by Martina Secondo Russo and Frank Russo. All the paintings in these brand new series, (acrylic on wood and board) were produced during the artist's stay in Genova, Italy in early 2012.

In "Bellezze Al Bagno" ("Bathing Beauties"), Martina Secondo Russo paints pin up shots of Italian movie stars from the 1950's-70's such as Claudia Cardinale, Sofia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida, and Ornella Muti, combining them with iconic locations such as the Lerici Castle, the town of Camogli and the typical Ligurian coastlines with it's stratified cliffs and maritime pine trees.
She uses images from her native region of Liguria, places like Il Golfo Dei Poeti, where she grew up going to the beach with her family, to create a nostalgic look into her own past. By using the pin up images, paired up with a vintage inspired color scheme, she brings the viewer back to a more innocent time in film.

In "Toy Room", Frank Russo uses his signature bright psychedelic colors and cartoonish style, to create a series of paintings inspired by his collection of 1970's-80's action figures. Some of the paintings depict actual toys from that era, or imaginary toys invented by Russo, such as the "Skull Mountain" playset. Other pieces draw inspiration from the vintage toys and cartoon series that left a deep impression on his young mind.
A "Shogun" style robot is crucified and surrounded by green smoke... A terrified "Blythe Doll" woodland fairy sits in the middle of a horde of robots, skulls and ghouls... A naked female grim reaper rides a skateboard, accompanied by the slogan "Everybody's Gonna Fuckin Die"... Russo uses his childhood memories and reinterprets them, twisting them into a less innocent and sometimes more evil vision.

The shows will run until April 21, 2012.
Gallery hours are Monday - Friday (12:30-2:00pm and 7:30-10:00pm) and Saturday (7:30-10:00pm) or by appointment.


Martina Secondo Russo was born in Genova, Italy but has lived in New York City since she was four years old.
Her artwork is inspired by: horror, tattoos, toys, renaissance art, pin-up art, and the juxtaposition of beauty with the grotesque.
Martina received her BFA in Fine Art from The California Institute Of Art in 2002.

Frank Russo is a Brooklyn Artist who has been drawing comic books since the age of nine.
His art fuses a life-long love for trash culture and fast music with a wide variety of styles and media such as comics, paintings, toys, props and costumes.
His infamous “Monsterfaces” were featured on a series of Collectable Art Trading Cards. Frank's most current ongoing project is a performance art death metal band called DETHRACE. Frank built all the costumes and fronts the band as 10 ft tall fiberglass robot, "Mecronos".

In 2003, Martina and Frank opened MF Gallery in NYC's Lower East Side. The Gallery has since relocated to Gowanus, Brooklyn and continues to be in the forefront of NYC's Underground Pop Art scene. In 2009, MF Gallery opened a second location in Genova Italy, where the works of Italian artists are shown alongside artists from around the world.

MF Gallery Genova: Vico dietro il coro della Maddalena 26A Genova, Italy.

For more information, contact Martina Secondo Russo.
(Cell) 347 757 7178 (E-mail) mfgallerygenova@gmail.com


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