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Lonely Planet - Best Graffiti Cities

Ask the great travel company Lonely Planet where you can find the best street art and you will be surprised by their choices:

1. Belgium, recommended by UK travel editor Tom Hall

Ghent in Belgium looks pristine and its centre is a place of medieval lanes and timeless canals backed by an impressive castle. Yet the city’s large student population has got to burn off its creative juices somehow, and the solution is to be found on Werregarenstraat. This narrow lane is home to one of Europe’s longest legal graffiti walls, and you’re sure to find at least one street scribbler at work.

2. Pittsburgh, recommended by US travel editor Robert Reid

Download the Pittsburgh Arts Council’s free PDF walking tour (pittsburghartscouncil.org) to find your way to the Andy Warhol Museum, the modern art collection at the Mattress Factory, and riverside sculpture playing off the city’s ’three rivers’ location. A favourite, though, are the four-metre-long fish sculptures outside the Children’s Museum on the North Shore, a quick walk from downtown on the Andy Warhol Bridge.

3. Melbourne, recommended by Asia-Pacific travel editor Shawn Low

In Melbourne, Australia, the city’s many ’laneways’ have been covered in graffiti, murals and posters. The likes of Banksy and Space Invader have tagged local walls – although, sadly, the local council painted over one of Banksy’s works, and the other was vandalised. Still, there’s plenty to see. Head along Flinders Lane, where art galleries sit alongside street art.


As for me, I would say Coimbra, Portugal or Berlin, Germany. And I am sure others would recommend places in South America. All the world is a canvas!

Coimbra (30)


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