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August 2012

Brooklyn Street Art Blog

I am on the list for this great street art blog - Brooklyn Street Art. Here is ther latest newsletter. Visit, sign up and check them out:

Street Art from ROBBBB in Dubai and Turkey

Workers around the world look amazingly similar, no matter the city.
Street Artist Robbbb, who we last saw in Beijing, is introducing some of the people from that city to be a part of Dubai and two of Turkeys largest cities, Istanbul and Izmir.
“This series of works from China are images of the most common people. [...]

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Fun Friday 08.17.12

1.  Chatroulette Gone Wrong, and So Right (Call Me Maybe?) (VIDEO)
2. “Beautiful Darling” Warhol Film Friday Night in Manhattan
3. Living Walls, The City Speaks, All Weekend (ATL)
4. Please Don’t Tell Anybody But Detroit Is Where It’s At
5. Paraphernalia by Narcelio Grud (VIDEO)
Friday Got You Feeling Frisky? Call Me Maybe?

Props to Steve Kardynal
“Beautiful Darling” Warhol Film [...]

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GAIA in Chicago with a Cuban Madonna, Michaelangelo, Masks

Street Artist Gaia visited Chicago last week to hit some walls in his grandly fulsome style with imaginative remixing of classics. Here’s a guy who is perfectly badass about handily switching symbols, metaphors, cultures, belief systems, history, art history. The results are perplexing if you think too hard about it, thrilling if you are willing [...]

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Living Walls Atlanta 2012 Begins, 26 Artists Converge!

 It’s Time for the Women to Represent as LW ATL Breaks New Ground Again

Sarah Emerson at work (photo © Dustin Chambers)

For the last two years at Living Walls Atlanta it’s been like graffiti summer camp; bodies and pillows and aerosol cans intermingled and stacked indiscriminately across the living room floors of friends apartments.  Sketchbooks. Pizza [...]

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JB Snyder Does His Stained Glass in the Desert

Phoenix muralist JB Snyder is known locally for his color-rich abstract grids on sides or facades, as well as canvasses, often compared to stained glass. So it was a holy moment when he stopped by to see Jetsonorama with a few cans of aerosol to participate in his “Painted Desert” project.

JB Snyder (photo © Emily [...]

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ROA and a Half-Eaten Carcass in Chicago

Belgian Street Artist and painter ROA continues his USA Summer 2012 tour and his next stop after New York was Chicago last week. Hosted by the folks at Pawn Works Gallery, ROA was invited to participate in their ongoing outdoor project “Art in Public Places” in the Pilsen neighborhood.

ROA (photo courtesy Pawn Works Gallery © [...]

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Images of the Week 08.12.12

Hot town, summer in the city
Back of my neck getting burnt and gritty
Been down, isn’t it a pity
Doesn’t seem to be a shadow in the city
All around, people looking half dead
Walking on the sidewalk, hotter than a match head *
Here’s our weekly interview with the street, this week featuring Bad Cat [...]

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Labrona and Other and Hot Summer Freights

“… when we had nothing to worry about except finding more trains to paint.”
Painting trains seems older than horses, but of course that can’t be true. Outside of public transportation trains, which have been largely free of graffiti since the late 80s, the lust for hopping freights still runs deep for some. Like the current [...]

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Fun Friday 08.10.12

Happy hot sticky Friday live from New York! Lots of cool stuff on the street and in the exhibition spaces this weekend – just bring a water bottle. Here are some of our picks for you on BSA.
1. Détournement, Carlo McCormick at Jonathan Levine (NYC)
2. Chris Stain and Joe Iurato at Mighty Tanaka (BKLN)
3. Peeta [...]

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Reyes 78 in Chicago

San Francisco painter Reyes 78 must have been exceedingly happy to be in Chicago with many of his fellow Mexican ex-pats and to bring his abstract graffiti-influenced new work to this city to display on a huge wall.  The folks at Pawn Works Gallery invited Reyes 78 to participate on their ongoing outdoor project “Art [...]

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Os Gêmeos and “The Giant of Boston”

The twins have left Boston, but not before they opened their first solo museum show in the U.S. and left behind a handful of public installations that have garnered major attention as people once again grapple with the concept of art in the streets. Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo have done large installations in large cities [...]

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JR Keeps an Eye on The Williamsburg Bridge

French Street Artist and photographer JR hit a skyward spot last week in Brooklyn with a large watchful eye which looks toward the Williamsburg Bridge that connects Brooklyn to Manhattan. An image taken of a member of the Lokota tribe on the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota, the new installation is part of The [...]

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Pandemonium on the Walls at Pandemic

Brooklyns’ Pandemic Gallery recently invited a sort of painted pandemonium to fill all the walls of their space for a summer art party. Shoulder to hip and head to toe, this mixture of artists is actually emblematic of this moment in Brooklyn history and representing the raucous variety of styles that are mashing and mixing [...]

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So Much For Atlanta Street Art Appreciation

Apparantly the initiaive to add street art to the forsaken walls of Atlanta has met with community outrage.

According to the Huffington Post, a new mural was recently revealed on a South Atlanta public wall, but the community says that it looks like the painting was a bit too revealing itself. The piece, made by a professional Argentinian street artist Hyuro, has sparked outrage in the local community because it depicts a naked woman. Located in the town of Chosewood, the work is across the street from a church and also near a mosque, a federal penitentiary and day car center, with school buses passing by.

Sigh, let's go to the tape.....


Love TV

Sorry for the late post on Love TV - it ends this week. But there are still several performances to see.


Love TV marks the beginning of a love affair with New York City
"Flying the flag: McIntosh is the local pioneer of reality theatre… she has created a sensation with Love TV." – The Melbourne Herald Sun

Australia’s most ambitious art export of 2012 is headed for the five boroughs of New York City this summer.  Love TV is a unique, bold and engaging interactive live art project created in Australia and winning hearts globally.  In partnership with New York City’s Department of Transportation, Love TV is a signature feature of NYC’s Urban Art Program and free signature public events, Summer Streets and Weekend Walks.
From the iconic Flatiron Public Plazas at Madison Square to the Staten Island Yankees home ground at Staten Island, Love TV will visit some of New York’s most unique areas.  From the colourful community of Coney Island to the much loved Astoria Park Shorefest and the JAMS Festivals in Queens, to the historically rich Tama Summerfest in the heart of Brooklyn - Aphrodite will uncover stories of love from even the most unlikely storytellers.  Visiting a selection of vibrant areas such as Fordham Road at The Bronx, the installation will appear at nine sites throughout July and August. Love TV also partners with Fourth Arts Block (FAB) as part of Fringe NYC on Fourth, which sees Love TV feature as a public art installation and performance work in this year’s Fringe.
Love TV sees enigmatic hostess, Australian artist Rebecca McIntosh, under the guise of Aphrodite, entice well-known celebrities, musicians, local legends and members of the local community into her studio. McIntosh’s installation, a hot pink TV–shaped mobile theatre transforms itself into a space for intimate and spontaneous conversations about love and passion.  Interviews are beamed live onto a screen for public viewing and then edited and uploaded to the Love TV website and social networks, maintaining a lively online Love TV community.
Prior to each Love TV performance, local residents are invited to Share The Love by nominating online at http://bit.ly/LOVETVinNYC which celebrities, artists, history-makers and creatives they would like to see share the story of their own personal love affair with their respective neighbourhood or city.
Based on these nominations, Aphrodite will conduct conversations with nominated personalities as well as passers-by. Interviewees will be given a public forum to express their most cherished corners and loved locations, cracking open the heart of the city with their shared stories. Over the years, Rebecca has interviewed the likes of high profile celebrities such as The Mighty Boosh funny man, Noel Fielding, award-winning actor Rutger Hauer and established American author, Augusten Burroghs.

The original concept of Love TV was created and presented by Australian artist Rebecca McIntosh from Broome to Bali, Adelaide to Edinburgh, the Sydney Festival to Melbourne Comedy Festival. More recently, a collaboration with creative producer Victoria Johnstone has developed Love TV into this new and innovative model for community engagement as a way to explore identity, diversity and the universal subject of love.
Share The Love! Nominations are now open for who you would like to see share their stories as Love TV makes it’s way to New York City in 2012. Go to http://bit.ly/LOVETVinNYC

Your Story, Your Place. Your City.
28 July –
Tama Summerfest, Brooklyn
4, 11, 18 August – Summer Streets - Park Ave, Manhattan
3, 4 August – Jamaica Arts & Music Festival, Queens
5, 12, 19 August – Astoria Park Shore Fest, Queens
8, 9, 10 August – Flatiron Public Plazas - Madison Square
16, 17 August – Fordham Rd and Webster Avenue, The Bronx
21 August – Coney Island Surf Avenue, Brooklyn
25, 26 August – FringeNYC on Fourth – 2nd Ave & the Bowery, Manhattan

 The Schedule may be subject to change so please check out website!

For more information and regular updates visit http://www.lovetv.com.au
Share the love: www.facebook.com/lovetv.love    
Follow us: www.twitter.com/lovetvloves
For all media enquiries please contact Monique Rothstein at monique@positive-feedback.com.au or 347 261 9149

Atlanta Discovers the Value of Street Art

Atlanta MURAL-1-articleLargeThe New York Times reports that Atlanta has discovered the value of street art by commissioning street artists to create art around the city. Atlanta now joins a legion of other sities doing the exact same thing. Please check through my blog to see all the various examples.


Here is a short excerpt of the NYT article =

...A project called Living Walls commissions artists to spruce up recession-hit neighborhoods. While traditional graffiti may often be seen as a sign of urban decay, these murals — sprawling, brightly colored portraits and designs — aim to instill some optimism.

The Atlanta-based project, which began last week and ends Sunday, gives 28 artists their own spaces: sides of buildings, foreclosed houses and subway underpasses. All paintings are done with owners’ permission and city permits, in neighborhoods like the crumbling Edgewood district, not far from where the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. grew up.

“Painting a mural is not just saving money for the wall owner,” said Monica Campana, who helped found the project in 2010. “It’s giving a new look to a block, and it may be helping the neighborhood economically.”

This year, its third, Living Walls has invited only female muralists. The goal is to showcase the creations, in aerosol and latex paint, of women from around the world, including Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Italy and Spain. The project, which includes lectures and parties celebrating street art, is also meant as an alternative to larger conferences, like Art Basel Miami or the Congress for the New Urbanism.

As Living Walls has grown in scope and recognition, its sponsorship has expanded to include a prominent law firm, the Museum of Design Atlanta and the W Hotel, where the artists receive free lodging. And there are other signs of Atlanta’s embracing street art. A 22-mile loop of jogging trails and public parks under construction around the city now features an array of commissioned works. “We’re not New York, we’re not L.A., we’re not Miami, with the history of street art,” Ms. Campana said. “But in a sense, that’s what’s appealing: you can bring street art to a new city.”

The city has also redoubled efforts to rub out a different form of street art: illegal graffiti. Two years ago, the mayor created a graffiti task force and the Atlanta police dedicated a full-time officer to track down the most prolific offenders. Last October, the city arrested seven men between 19 and 29 who they said were responsible for 800 acts of graffiti vandalism. They received fines and probation.

One of those arrested, Josh Feigert, 28, sees a double standard in the city’s embrace of projects like Living Walls, while it cracks down on graffiti. “It seems hypocritical,” he said. “I would hope people would learn a little more about graffiti, and that it is an art form, as well.”


I am not complaining about this move towards sanctioned street art. I support it. Of course street art adds to a city! I've been saying that for years. My feeling is that it needn't always be "sanctioned". Let it sprout all over town. I guess no politician is ready to embrace that.

Car Alarm Symphony

Watch this great Car Alarm Symphony courtesy of Improv Anywhere street theater company. They made 100 car alarms go off simultaneously in a shopping center parking lot in Staten Island.