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Love TV

Sorry for the late post on Love TV - it ends this week. But there are still several performances to see.


Love TV marks the beginning of a love affair with New York City
"Flying the flag: McIntosh is the local pioneer of reality theatre… she has created a sensation with Love TV." – The Melbourne Herald Sun

Australia’s most ambitious art export of 2012 is headed for the five boroughs of New York City this summer.  Love TV is a unique, bold and engaging interactive live art project created in Australia and winning hearts globally.  In partnership with New York City’s Department of Transportation, Love TV is a signature feature of NYC’s Urban Art Program and free signature public events, Summer Streets and Weekend Walks.
From the iconic Flatiron Public Plazas at Madison Square to the Staten Island Yankees home ground at Staten Island, Love TV will visit some of New York’s most unique areas.  From the colourful community of Coney Island to the much loved Astoria Park Shorefest and the JAMS Festivals in Queens, to the historically rich Tama Summerfest in the heart of Brooklyn - Aphrodite will uncover stories of love from even the most unlikely storytellers.  Visiting a selection of vibrant areas such as Fordham Road at The Bronx, the installation will appear at nine sites throughout July and August. Love TV also partners with Fourth Arts Block (FAB) as part of Fringe NYC on Fourth, which sees Love TV feature as a public art installation and performance work in this year’s Fringe.
Love TV sees enigmatic hostess, Australian artist Rebecca McIntosh, under the guise of Aphrodite, entice well-known celebrities, musicians, local legends and members of the local community into her studio. McIntosh’s installation, a hot pink TV–shaped mobile theatre transforms itself into a space for intimate and spontaneous conversations about love and passion.  Interviews are beamed live onto a screen for public viewing and then edited and uploaded to the Love TV website and social networks, maintaining a lively online Love TV community.
Prior to each Love TV performance, local residents are invited to Share The Love by nominating online at http://bit.ly/LOVETVinNYC which celebrities, artists, history-makers and creatives they would like to see share the story of their own personal love affair with their respective neighbourhood or city.
Based on these nominations, Aphrodite will conduct conversations with nominated personalities as well as passers-by. Interviewees will be given a public forum to express their most cherished corners and loved locations, cracking open the heart of the city with their shared stories. Over the years, Rebecca has interviewed the likes of high profile celebrities such as The Mighty Boosh funny man, Noel Fielding, award-winning actor Rutger Hauer and established American author, Augusten Burroghs.

The original concept of Love TV was created and presented by Australian artist Rebecca McIntosh from Broome to Bali, Adelaide to Edinburgh, the Sydney Festival to Melbourne Comedy Festival. More recently, a collaboration with creative producer Victoria Johnstone has developed Love TV into this new and innovative model for community engagement as a way to explore identity, diversity and the universal subject of love.
Share The Love! Nominations are now open for who you would like to see share their stories as Love TV makes it’s way to New York City in 2012. Go to http://bit.ly/LOVETVinNYC

Your Story, Your Place. Your City.
28 July –
Tama Summerfest, Brooklyn
4, 11, 18 August – Summer Streets - Park Ave, Manhattan
3, 4 August – Jamaica Arts & Music Festival, Queens
5, 12, 19 August – Astoria Park Shore Fest, Queens
8, 9, 10 August – Flatiron Public Plazas - Madison Square
16, 17 August – Fordham Rd and Webster Avenue, The Bronx
21 August – Coney Island Surf Avenue, Brooklyn
25, 26 August – FringeNYC on Fourth – 2nd Ave & the Bowery, Manhattan

 The Schedule may be subject to change so please check out website!

For more information and regular updates visit http://www.lovetv.com.au
Share the love: www.facebook.com/lovetv.love    
Follow us: www.twitter.com/lovetvloves
For all media enquiries please contact Monique Rothstein at monique@positive-feedback.com.au or 347 261 9149


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