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October 2012

Brooklyn Street Art Blog - October 28 Edition

Here is the next edition of the BSA newsletter.


Images of the Week 10.28.12

Here is our weekly interview with the street, this week featuring Avoid, BAST, Cruz, Dain, Dark Clouds, EKG, Hanksy, JC, Jesse Hazelip, JM, Jonathan Matas, MUDA Collective, Judith Supine, LNY, Luv1, Poke, Sheepman, Whisbe, XAM, and Zach Rockstad
Street Artist XAM is directing eyes to fly across the sky again throughout Brooklyn with a new flock [...]

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Entes y Pesimo Go To Mexico

Cholula, Pachuca, Puebla, D.F.
Peruvian Street Artists Entes y Pesimo traveled around Mexico as summers sun began to give everyone a rest from its intensity in the last month or so. Continuing to develop their figurative style and define technique, they usually take a long wall as an opportunity to let their figures lie down. In [...]

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Fun Friday 10.26.12

1. Perfect Storm “Big Freedia” Coming
2. Kid Acne, “Damn Straight” (Vienna)
3. Blue Dog at Michael Mutt (NYC)
4. “Las Calles Hablan” Group Show (Barcelona)
5. SANER Has “Catharsis” at New Image (LA)
6. Saner “Catharsis” Teaser # 2 (VIDEO)
7. Jeff Frost “Modern Ruin” Preview (VIDEO)
8. See No Evil 2012 (VIDEO)
Happy Friday NYC. Halloween is in full effect on [...]

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Licking Street Art : Sweet Work from Shelley Miller

Wall Candy from Montreal Street Artist Shelley Miller
Shelley Miller has a sweet take on Street Art that embraces its ephemeral quality and merges it with tile making traditions from Spain and Portugal – and cake making. Using sugar and cake icing, she has brought the street occasional and temporary installations of historically based scenes that [...]

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Sex In The City: Street Art That is NSFW

This art is Not Safe for Work or School, even though it’s on public streets.
It sounds strange to say it but these images of Street Art are erotic, sometimes violent, and might even be considered prurient or pornographic by some viewers – yet they are part of today’s free-wheeling ever expanding visual feast on the [...]

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Face Tattoo Cholo Style – Judith Supine Inked by Jesse Hazelip in BK

Here are some hot new shots of stuff on the streets by Judith Supine that seem perfect for startling New Yorkers this week on their way to the haunted house.  Characterized by putrid hot color, recombined body parts of various proportions, a contorted focus on maquillage, it looks like Supine is in full effect for [...]

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Greatest Hits: BLU

Right now it would appear that there are new development in the world of Street Art daily, and some times you may want to revisit the best stuff to measure it against what is new and see how it stands up, and check how your perception of the work may have changed. A recognized talent [...]

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Images of The Week 10.21.12

A lot of action on the street right now – people are in organized events, on commissioned walls and doing their own personal thang too.  Here’s our weekly interview with the street featuring Bast, Chris and Veng from Robots Will Kill, ECB, Faile, Jaye Moon, Jetsonorama, JM, Judith Supine, Meer Sau, Mr. Toll, ND’A, NoseGo, [...]

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Göla Mural Reorders Human Evolution in Poznan, Poland

Young Urban Professionals Evolved 4 Million Years Ago (a. urbanis yuppicus)
Barcelonian Street Artist Göla completed a new mural on the side of a modern housing building in Poznan, Poland recently, and he brought imagination and his sense of humor. It’s a somewhat sarcastic eight-story infographic on human evolution which you may enjoy while sitting at [...]

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Fun Friday 10.19.12

Happy Friday Peepuls. Now before we all set our sights on Friday art parties and dancing and getting crazy and writing on people’s foreheads with markers, it’s time for us to get Debatified so we are all ready to vote. Obama is ahead in New York by like a hundred and five percent but apparently [...]

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Christopher Columbus: Up Close And Personal

Chris Invites You Up to His Crib Near the Park
Art on the streets of New York extends to the over 300 sculptures on the streets and in parks across the New York metropolitan area, a great outdoor public art museum that includes works from such great sculptors as Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Daniel Chester French and John Quincy Adams Ward. Cultural and historically significant [...]

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Arabbers; A Dying Baltimore Tradition Brought to Life by Gaia

Street Artist Gaia regularly highlights people from whichever community that he’s painting or wheatpasting in. Passersby commonly stop to talk while he’s working, often adding layers of history, knowledge, opinion, and nuance to his piece while he works. With his newest wall in Sandtown, a neighborhood of Baltimore, Gaia draws attention to a dying local profession [...]

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Batbamacare, Bane Capitalist – Street Artist Election Parody on Web by General Howe

Holy Healthcare, Batbama!
Conceptual Street Artist General Howe will be sticking a pointy eared mask onto Obama’s photo after the presidential debate tonight – as he writes his next report for the Super Election News website.

A screengrab from the art parody blog by conceptual street artist General Howe called “Super Election News 2012″
One part HuffPost Politics, [...]

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Isaac Cordal in Zagreb and Vienna With His Little Men

The impersonal isolation of living inside a human hive, the unraveling of a threadbare social safety net, the militarization of the natural world, the impact of industrial activity on our environmental, and the brutal punches of a bankrupt monetary system set free.  How can Isaac Cordal address such weighty matters with such miniature sculptures?  Also, [...]

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Support WBAI and Bid On My Art

Weisler, I Heart Audrey, photoDear Friends,

I have contributed my photographic artwork to the WBAI benefit auction (specifically to support David Rothenberg, Ivan Hametz and Chris Whent programs) and I invite you to bid on a wonderful range of artworks in all media by contemporary fine artists and photographers. There are several special items, including a 1969 Richard Avedon portrait of WBAI's then reigning announcers, as well as photos by Allen Ginsberg, Spencer Tunick, Alfredo Jaar and Barbara Mensch, prints by Kiki Smith, Faith Ringgold and Leon Golub, sculpture from Tom Otterness, Arlene Rush and Nina Sobell, and a limited edition Urban Montage photograph , by yours truly.

There will be a live event and exhibition at the Steven Kasher Gallery (521 W. 23 Street in Chelsea), on Nov. 7, beginning at 7:30pm.  Please join us there.
Community radio WBAI  (99.5 fm) has been NYC's beloved progressive voice, in arts, culture and politics for 50+ years. It is listener supported and I am happy to be a supporter and encourage you to do the same by participating in this event.
The auction website: http://wbaiauction.org. Take a look, it is an impressive collection!

Angelo Madrigale, Street Art Specialist at Doyle NY Talks Street Art

Angelo madrigalAngelo Madrigale, Street Art Specialist in the Paintings Department at DOYLE NEW YORK Auctioneers & Appraisers is preparing to make Street Art history with the first ever Street Art auction on October 16, 2012 with viewing from Oct 13-15. It is free so please stop by and check out some great art.

I sat down with Angelo and asked him the following questions. Here is his fascinating interview:

1.    When and where did you first notice that street art was becoming an art movement?

Angelo: In the early 90’s I first started noticing Shepard Fairey’s “Andre the Giant has a Posse” stickers, both on the streets as well as in punk fanzines. Being that I grew up in a very rural area, going into any city was always incredibly exciting, and anything urban made an impression on me – I wasn’t even used to seeing street lights! I have distinct early memories of graffiti at the Philadelphia Zoo, for instance. So when I saw stickers and wheatpasted posters, I really took note of it, even though I didn’t know what to call it at the time, or who was creating it. All I knew was that it was something different, and the mystery intrigued me.

2. What made you or the auction house decide to undertake the first ever street art auction?

Angelo: It’s been a long time coming. This is an important art movement that was born in America, and has become a worldwide phenomenon. It’s been maligned for years, and hasn’t gotten the credit I feel it’s due. I think Jazz and the Blues grew in the same way – American art forms neglected by Americans for years – until over time it became understood how very important it was. Now, we take great steps to document and celebrate Jazz and Blues, and the same will be true for Graffiti.

That being said, Europe and the UK have been holding successful auctions focused solely on this type of art for years now. It was only a matter of time until someone in the US was willing to take the chance, and I’m proud that Doyle is doing this. Success at the auction world is an essential piece in the puzzle for any movement of art to gain credibility in the art world. Hopefully what we accomplish with this sale helps these artists keep growing, moving forward, and gaining acceptance. The big picture is to level the playing field – just like it took time for great artists like Rauschenberg, Johns, and Warhol to be seen as highly celebrated master artists, it’s still going to take time for artists within this genre like Barry McGee, Kaws and Stephen Powers to be regarded that way. I’m confident it will happen, but it takes people championing that cause, long term.

3.    How difficult was it to find suitable lots for auction?

Angelo: The auction world and the gallery world are very different. Gallery shows can be curated a multitude of ways so that a particular theme or statement can be addressed. Auctions are not curated like a gallery exhibition; typically an auction house is not specifically searching for works by certain artists, but instead taking on collections, estates, and so on. For this sale, I wanted to cover about 30-plus years of Graffiti and Street Art history in the course of 46 lots, which was a tall order. I’m very happy with how the sale came together, and I think people who have been following the genre for years, as well as newcomers will both have the opportunity to see some really great art.

4.    Who do you think will be drawn to buy at the auction? (Your traditional buyers or new ones) and why?

Angelo: Something I wanted to do was keep the sale in the realm of affordability. There’s work in the sale with estimates starting at $400 and going up from there. There’s two reasons for this: for art collectors who are new to this style of art, it gives them the opportunity to begin collecting with relatively low risk. On the other side, something I really wanted to do was help out young collectors who haven’t worked with an auction house before, and walk them through the process. Bidding at Doyle affords people the opportunity to work with experts who professionally research the items we auction. So, I wanted to be approachable and accessible for people who have questions about authenticity, condition, the bidding process, or whatever their concerns may be. It’s an effort to be as available and transparent as possible so that everyone bidding enjoys doing so, and the winning bidders are excited about adding a great new work of art to their collection.

5. As street art and street artists move into the traditional art world, do you think street art will lose its edge? Or do you think that because of its implied value, street art will be removed/stolen off the street by "collectors"? In all, how does this market focus on street art and street artists impact the movement and its future growth?

Angelo: Unlike most other art movements, Graffiti has grown and evolved over decades, with sub-genres and spinoffs within it. It will continue to evolve – as artists receive notoriety from the mainstream contemporary art world, there will always be new artists to take their place. Right now, there’s tons of young artists I’m excited to watch grow and create new, challenging work. Two of those emerging artists – ASVP and Lamour Supreme - I was able to include in the first sale to spotlight some great work being made right now. The next artists will push the envelope further and continue innovating.

6. How can one best discover street artists since their studio and gallery have usually been the street itself?

Angelo: Read as much as possible. There’s great magazines and fanzines out there, like Graffiti Art from France, and UP from Sweden, just to name two. There’s tons of blogs that cover Street Art shown both in public places and in galleries – Subwayartblog.com, Brooklynstreetart.com, Hyperallergic.com, 12ozprophet.com and tons more. They all cover well-known artists as well as new artists, and they also have lists of upcoming exhibitions and events. As long as you stay involved, you’ll have no problem  keeping up.

Here’s a link to the auction:


There’s also printed catalogs available as well.


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Images of the Week 09.30.12

This week seemed busy on the streets of New York after LA graff writer Saber started us off on Sunday with a sky-writing campaign that was politically charged arts advocacy and a social media-soaked smackdown of the right wing in the US. From culture-jamming to political commentary to social advocacy, it looks like some Street [...]

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Los Brujos: Zosen, Gola, Kenor Nude Before The Third Eye in Italy

Gola Hundun, Kenor, H101 and Zosen, otherwise known as the Art Collective Los Brujos, recently participated in the Sub Urb Art 2 in Torino, Italy with a patchwork hand-painted re-creation of the mystic Eye inside a large open warehouse space.

Los Brujos: Kenor, Gola, and Zosen. (photo © Garu-Garu)
Call it The Eye of Glory, The All Seeing [...]

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Fun Friday 09.28.30

BROOKLYN! Jay-Z opens the new stadium in Brooklyn tonight with a lot of fanfare – and if you don’t have tickets just have a blast in the hundreds of studio spaces and gallery shows and “in the street” installations and performances starting tonight at the Dumbo Arts Festival that brings thousands coursing through the neighborhood [...]

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NUART 2012 Countdown Begins

How Nosm (photo © Ian Cox)
 This spring we were invited to attend and speak at this years Nuart festival and although we can’t be there personally we’ve still have some great talents on the Stavanger front who will be providing you with stunning and scintillating BSA exclusive action over the next few weeks. So two [...]

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New York Interiors and Urban Exploring

“Urban Exploring” is often thought of as some kind of elite super ninja activity; tinged with adventure, a sense of danger, and definitely some flying nunchucks. For city folk with a sense of wanderlust and a need for exercise, the act of checking out an abandoned old building can be just as satisfying and dangerous [...]

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Various & Gould Mask a Living Tree with Death

“What becomes of Berlin, if the various subcultures won’t find enough central places to develop anymore?”
That’s a question from Street Artists Various and Gould about their city, but of course it’s relevant in many.

Various & Gould. “Duali Tree” (photo © Just)
The artists who bring the creative tree of life to a dead neighborhood are often [...]

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UPDATE: SABER Tags Sky Over New York to Defend Arts and Bash Romney

UPDATE: BSA exclusive new footage courtesy of video artist Chris Jordan plus new images from Jaime Leo, Eszter Klajman and Chris Jordan.
New York’s skies got majorly tagged today. And Mitt Romney got called out in front of 8 million people as a #GOPFail
New Yorkers who looked up from stoop sales, soccer games, and strolls across [...]

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Images of the Week 09.23.12

Here’s our weekly interview with the streets (and sometimes inside), this week featuring new shots of Barry McGee, Buttless Supreme, Dain, Elle, Etnik, Ive One, Jose Parla, Kashink, Klepto, Matt Siren, ND”A, Overunder, Pork, Swil, This Is Awkward and Zor.

Looks like Elle and Matt Siren tried their hand at a fire extinguisher tag and they both [...]

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Geometricks Opens – Shots of the Gallery

Here are shots of the new GEOMETRICKS show as installed and opening this evening in Red Hook, Brooklyn at Gallery Brooklyn. These images look so austere and crisp, unlike the wildness on the canvasses, and nothing like the visual cacophony of the streets, where so much of this new abstractionist movement is happening. Guess that’s [...]

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Sneak Peeks from Geometricks

The show’s up and the bubbly is waiting for the iceman to cometh and of course we hope you’ll be rolling through as Hellbent curates our first “Vandals or Visionaries” show, entitled GEOMETRICKS.
Tricks are for kids, and for Olek, who has reserved one of her raunchy text messages for you to discover crocheted into her [...]

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Fun Friday 09.21.12

Yo Yo what’s up all the Brooklyn peepuls and the New Yorkers and the LA’ers and the Chicago’ers and the Stavanger Norway buddies and shout out to Martha as she hangs in Johannesburg today and to everybody who’s brave enough to tap into the creative spirit. Today in Brooklyn it’s sunny and bright and there’s [...]

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Overunder and Labrona In Chicago are Full of Characters, History

Overunder continues to expand, explore, rework, reveal – a surrealist stretching the figurative and coupling it with the symbolic and architectural,  and finishing it with overlays of patterning of tattooing or circuitry. In a rising tide of sameness, Street Artists like Overunder are weaving storyline and imagination, innovation, experimentation. His characters are mid-thought and on [...]

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Signs on the Street as “Occupy” Turns One

Occupy did more than grab some headlines and inconvenience workers on Wall Street last year. It blew a hole open in the consciousness of a confused and battered public untethered and afloat in debt, denial, and 700 channels of mind-numbing distraction. As a result of the Occupy Movement and all it’s permutations, in many unexpected [...]

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Quick Shots of The Grassy Lot: Edition 2012

We’re keeping it local today with an empty patch of real estate on Manhattan’s Lower East Side called “The Grassy Lot” that’s been semi-curated for about a year with an eclectic mix of American and Australian ex-pats. It’s a nice little patch of grass that is sometimes rented out for events and receptions – also [...]

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Futura And The Origins of The Universe

In the beginning, there was Futura.
That’s kind of how this expansive space feels with no people in it.  It is a universe created by a post-graffiti graffiti godfather who has freed his own imagination to search for new planets of influence, new centers of intelligence.  Many of the New York graffiti artists who made names [...]

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