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This Week in Brooklyn Street Art

Brooklyn Street Art - This Week's Edition


Images of the Week: 03.31.13

In this weeks news, COST is on the cover of the Village Voice  and Jay Shells is making street signs with geographically pin-pointed rap lyrics (see video below).
Meanwhile here’s our weekly interview of the street, this week featuring Arturo Vega, Bast, Be Super, Billy Mode, Bologna, El Celso, El Sol 25, Faust, Gilf!, Mint & [...]

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Greg Craola Simkins Video by Medvin Sobio “Stop Haunting Me”

Los Angeles based Street and Fine Artist Greg Craola Simkins is prepping for a solo show entitled “Stop Haunting Me”. He was “raised on cartoons, well written stories, animal planet, graffiti, tattoos and mind numbing trips to grandma’s house,” says he on his Facebook page, and you can verify his penchant for escapism in his [...]

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BSA Film Friday: 03.29.13

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.
Now screening: Vexta in Kochi, India, “Crimes of Minds” video for the new book, and Yok, Sheryo and Fecks in Mexico
BSA Special Feature:
Vexta in Kochi, India.
Australian born Brooklyn-based Street Artist Vexta was in Kochi for the first Biennale on 12/12/12 and [...]

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Jazz On Manhattan Streets With Sir Shadow

With much respect to the Jazz Age and the musical heritage of New York that still boasts a huge number of jazz musicians, events and venues, artist Sir Shadow plays alongside the aerosol tags with his one-liners in the East Village. Using a technique known to many a graffiti writer, the artist makes the piece [...]

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From The Streets of Lima, “Latido Americano”, A Latin Heart Beat

From the 4th to the 15th of March in Lima “Latido Americano” took place courtesy of organizers and home-town artists Entes y Pesimo. Successfully putting it together for a second year, E&P are well respected among their peers as artists and social activists and they placed an international assortment of invited graff and Street Art [...]

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Dan Witz Creates Disturbing Street Art to Fight Political Imprisonment

Street Art Campaign With Amnesty International
“In many countries people are imprisoned simply because of their political views,” begins the video just released by Dan Witz and Amnesty international.

Screenshot from “Wailing Walls”, a video about the Dan Witz “Prisoners” campaign that raises awareness and engages passersby to immediately take action for human rights. (screenshot from video [...]

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Jeice 2 “La Gran Inundada” In Istanbul

It is always a surprise to find a one-off piece that evidently took hours of work to create, wheat pasted into the public sphere and ready to face the ravages of rain and sun and wind and time on the street. It can be compounded when you discover there is meaningful story behind the piece.
“La [...]

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Images of the Week: 03.24.13

March 21 hit us this week and that means Spring and that means more birds, flowers, sidewalk sales, thigh-high shorts, and Street Art and graffiti are on their way! Great to find this new brick wall falling apart by Aakash Nahalini in the subway this week, and then to learn that it is a sketch [...]

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XAM Welcomes Spring with New Bird Housing

Spring started on Thursday and The Rockin Robin is not singing yet in Brooklyn but when she does it might be due to getting herself a nice new house in DUMBO from XAM. We spotted these new pieces while on bike through the former industrial neighborhood and noticed they look a little different from the [...]

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BSA Film Friday: 03.22.13

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.
Now screening: The Yok & Sheryo in Australia, Sixe and Okuda in Peru, and Mammutt in Mexico City
BSA Special Feature:
The Yok and Sheryo in “Fish & Chips”
The Yok and Sheryo have been working as a collaborative aerosol duo for a handful [...]

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Kenny Scharf “Squirtz” in the Plaza at the Standard Hotel

Brooklyn based artist Kenny Scharf has fabricated one of his amorphous painted classic characters and put it on display at The Plaza of the Standard High Line Hotel in Manhattan’s Meat Packing District. A hot number from the 80s downtown scene, Mr. Scharf has continued to add dimension to his work over time, sometimes taking [...]

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Talking With Crash About Popeye and The Houston Wall

He first wrote “Crash” on New York streets and trains in 1974 but he still finds ways to entertain and challenge himself artistically. Now managing a successful gallery career that has him globe trotting much of the year, John Matos considers himself a closet pop artist, and the similarities to Lichtenstein and Rosenquist are always [...]

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Gaia Painting in Milan with Basik and Never 2501

Here are a few moodily lit cellphone photos from inside a warehouse in Milan today courtesy of Street Artist Gaia, who has been working on collaborations with Baskik and Never 2501. He says the new pieces were done in conjunction with a demonstration in support of “Dax Vive” that just took place. We don’t know [...]

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Street Art Dispatch from Bangkok, Thailand

Street Artist Blanco grabbed his camera while visiting Bangkok, Thailand this month and discovered walls full of color, character, and even some graff names he’s familiar with in New York. “Utah and Ether are all over the city, crushing it,” he remarks.
His timing for visiting the city was good too because it coincided with the [...]

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