Graffiti Artists Cover an Entire Warehouse in Street Art
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Images Of The Week: 11.24.13Editorz2013-11-24 04:45

  Here is our weekly interview with the street, this week featuring Ainac, Bunny M, F. Caba, Kitty Kitty, Mgr Mors, Mr. Styles, Mr. Prvrt, Mr. Toll, Never, Owen Dippie, Reka, Sarah Rutherford, Veng RWK, and Zimer. Top Image >> Reka at The Bushwick Collective. If grasshoppers were invited to Burning Man we imagine this […]

Eye on London Street Art : Spencer Elzey in EuropeEditorz2013-11-23 16:36

For the first week-long “residency” on BSA, Spencer Elzey has been sharing his experiences and Street Art photos from his recent trip to Europe. Today we finish with London, a polished and presentable collection of some of the current scene from the streets. The city has long played host to a rolling panoply of urban […]

The “Aqueduct Murals” Are Off and Running!Editorz2013-11-22 17:33

“He’s pissed off. He’s like… he has an attitude. He’s ornery. In my work I’m always looking to relate my own feelings to the images that I see and try to express them through painting.” Chris Stain and Katherine Huala at work on their first collaborative piece. (photo © Jaime Rojo) Chris Stain is looking […]

BSA Film Friday: 11.22.13Editorz2013-11-22 04:04

  Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening from the cities we’re featuring all week as part of Spencer Elzey’s residency on BSA. It’s a short European tour from professionals and amateurs with video: 1. STREET ART: VITRY SUR SEINE 2. STREET ART: PARIS 3. […]

Unbridled Berlin Street Art : Spencer Elzey in EuropeEditorz2013-11-21 04:05

Berliners are hard to crack, they say, but probably not for New Yorkers. We “get” them because of their no-nonsense frankness, sometimes sharp tongues, and because their “creative types” are unhinged in a way that New Yorkers have been historically. When it comes to the volume and variety of art that is being loosed in […]

Towering Gallery Full of Art to Be Demolished : “La Tour Paris 13″Editorz2013-11-20 04:41

The numbers are astounding; 105 artists, 9 floors, 36 apartments, 30,000 visitors. One hour. That is how much time Street Art enthusiast Spencer Elzey had to himself inside the largest gallery of Street Artists and graffiti artists ever assembled specifically to transform a building for a public show. As he looked out a window to […]

Paris Street Art : Spencer Elzey in EuropeEditorz2013-11-19 04:05

As we continue our one week residency on BSA for Street Art fan Spencey Elzey, he takes you to Paris to see what is happening on the street there right now. If you were to try to characterize the nature of the work, you may say that it favors illustration, a clean defined line, and […]

Street Art in Vitry-sur-Seine (France) : Spencer Elzey in EuropeEditorz2013-11-18 05:01

BSA is lucky to be a clearinghouse for many people who participate in and celebrate the Street Art scene – artists, curators, designers, collectors, galleries, museums, researchers, academics, historians and fans. Because we have never taken advertising readers tend to trust our platform and people in the community give us great behind-the-scenes opportunities to learn […]

Images of The Week: 11.17.13Editorz2013-11-17 04:37

A beautiful week weather-wise in New York – a brisk and sunny week that was great for discovering your city without sweating like a hog. Before we all get clobbered by the holidays and start piling on pounds it has been stupendous just to wind through the streets and burn off the calories and see […]

Various & Gould Spark a Witch Hunt on Streets of BerlinEditorz2013-11-16 05:01

Witches are burned at the stake.  Or hanged, drowned, beheaded. Ask the American Puritans. Of course, demonizing and ostracizing and terrorizing never quite went out of style since those formative years of the US, and the global history of the race is rife with this inclination. From Salem to today, ignorance and fear can be […]

BSA Film Friday: 11.15.13 – Exclusive Premiere David Choe / AryzEditorz2013-11-15 04:58

  Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening: 1. David Choe/Aryz PREMIERE on BSA: Medvin Sobio’s “L. A. Nights” 2. Niels “Shoe” Meulman Calligraffit 3. Tom Herck aka Atek84 2012-2013 4. The End Of The Line Pt 2; NYC Train Lines by Janosch Delcker. 5. […]

Sr. X Makes an EscapeEditorz2013-11-14 04:20

Spain’s Sr. X has a good knack for placement with his realistic figures incorporated into the streetscape, whether peering out from a broken façade or up from the edges of a pothole. Sr. X “Bye” London, England. November, 2013. (photo © Sr. X) A guy who carries the weight of the world on his shoulders […]

Aerosol Texting: The Power Of Words on City WallsEditorz2013-11-13 04:05

Brief Analog Messages on Walls Ape Our Digit-driven Discourse Whether satire, slogan, or soliloquy, the anonymous street scribe shapes our experience while we walk through the city. Artist Unknown (photo © Jaime Rojo) Boffo or blustery, a piece of poetry can sling or sting your unsuspecting heart as you round the corner or look above […]

BSA’s Jaime Rojo at Swoon’s “Braddock Tiles” Fundraiser SaturdayEditorz2013-11-13 03:08

New York street photographer and co-founder of BrooklynStreetArt.com, Jaime Rojo, contributes an original gelatin print to Swoon’s Braddock Tile Fundraiser this Saturday alongside a stellar list of works by Street Artists like Swoon, ROA, Faile, C215, Retna, Chris Stain, CFYW, Joe Iurato and many others who support her efforts to convert a Pennsylvania church into […]

Alice Pasquini In South AsiaEditorz2013-11-12 16:37

Urban and fine artist Alice Pasquini just finished a three week trip through Southeast Asian which took her to Singapore, Yogyakarta, and Ho Chi Minh City and where she called forth her aquamarine palette of thoughtful women to walls in new environments while getting to know the local urban art scene and meeting local artists. […]

Gaia Is In Rome – Studies Architecture, Palazzos, CloudsEditorz2013-11-11 18:21

GAIA, il piccone demolitore e risanatore Here is a new piece from Street Artist Gaia in Rome, where he is studying again the built environment and it’s historical and cultural ramifications, then interpreting through painting in the public sphere. He says his new wall painting is inspired by Girgio De Chirico and represents the relationship […]

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