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Okay I will start out by saying that I don't think street art should be mainstreamed. I think it will lose its edge when the art form is appropriated by developers and for-profit  special interest groups. (Though I temper my opinions when there is a good way for artists to be rightly compensated for their work whether selling directly to the public or through some business venture.)

Further, I am not that keen to have street art used as an upscale party novelty to try lend cred to the 1%'ers sense of style. So it is with some reluctance that I post information on the annual Digital Graffit Festival in Alys Florida.

According to the Long Long Honeymoon blog, "Digital Graffiti is billed as the world’s first projection art festival. The event takes place once a year in the town of Alys (pronounced “Alice”) Beach, Florida. Alys Beach is a ridiculously expensive planned community on Florida’s increasingly famous Scenic Highway 30A. Imagine a little Gulf Coast utopia with style and architecture inspired by Bermuda and Antigua, Guatemala.

The idea behind the Digital Graffiti festival is simple and brilliant. The white walls of Alys Beach are a blank canvas. One night per year, that canvas is thoroughly “painted” with a smorgasbord of digital art. The actual artwork of Digital Graffiti varies, but most of it is of an abstract nature. It’s a menagerie of flashing light and vibrant color.

The heart of Digital Graffiti is in the Caliza Pool area. The swimming pool in Alys Beach is rumored to have cost more than $15 million to build. Whatever the cost, it’s a rather fantastical place to hold a party. And in this corner of Alys Beach, that’s what Digital Graffiti becomes."

I will let you judge for yourself. Comments welcomed and debate encouraged.....


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