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New Wave of Ink Counterculture in Tattoos

There are two instances recently of the evolution of tattoos.

One is 3-D tattoos which are often geometric but are sometimes graphically organic. My first reaction is horrified. My second reaction is intrigued. These three dimensional looking tattoos sometimes go over the top. I am not sure I could live with one. But they are certainly attention getters. As described by PSFK - 3D Tattoos Jump Right Off The Skin Like the shift from medieval paintings to Renaissance onces, so is the shift in tattoo art a lesson in perspective. There is currently an ongoing rise in three dimensional tattoos, that cleverly use shadowing and contrast to create the illusion of an image literally coming off or out of the skin. Adding a new dimension – both literally and figuratively – to tattooing, injects the genre with a renewed sense of wonder.

3d tatoo


The second trend is truly art driven. As described by PSFK - Cyborg Instrument Reads Tattoos Like A Musical Score Media artist Dmitry Morozov has created an instrument that uses tattoos as musical notation. The Tattoo Sound Controller uses black lines’ sensors that are mounted onto a railing that the wearer attaches to their arm. Morozov’s aim is to ‘represent the artist and his instrument as a creative hybrid’, transforming his tattoo from merely abstract lines to a musical instrument.

Music tattoo


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