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Arts Groups Beautifying Sandy Damaged Far Rockaway

BSA - Newsletter this Week

Go and see Swoon's exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum...

Images of the Week: 04.13.14Editorz2014-04-13 04:22

Street Artists have been exhibited in museums before so Swoon’s “Submerged Motherlands” doesn’t break ground because of its presence inside a grand institution, even if said institution also holds one of the largest collections of Egyptian art, and is also hosting the largest US exhibition of Ai Weiwei next week, for example. What surprised us […]



Skount and Kera on a Wall and a Train in GermanyEditorz2014-04-12 14:57

Skount has been experimenting with abstract patterns in some of his new work, especially this new wall with his bro Kera in Berlin. The attraction of abstraction continues to appear in Street Art and murals, and our theory today for its resurgence is that it is an unconscious way of assembling the multiple media/entertainment streams […]

New Shots from Open Walls Baltimore 2Editorz2014-04-08 04:12

Open Walls Baltimore 2 has begun and only a few pieces have been completed but we thought you’d like to take a look, courtesy photographer and BSA Contributor Geoff Hargadon, who was tooling around one afternoon. This spring Baltimore will be hosting a list that includes Zbiok, Anttu Mustonen, Ozmo, Nanook, Logan Hicks, Lesser Gonzalez, […]


Judith Supine: Unmasked Bridge Climber, Gender Bending and ArtEditorz2014-04-02 04:03

Looks like Judith Supine is probably having a helluva week. He unmasked himself publicly for all, opened a new gallery show, climbed a NYC bridge over the East River to install a sculpture, and released a video of it that inadvertently sparked a mini media/bridge security frenzy. Also, he created twin “hermaphrodites” with cigarette penises. […]


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