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The Drone That Will Change Graffiti: An Interview with KATSU

Graffiti droneCheck out this great interview about how a graffiti artist is using drones to spread graffiti. Brilliant.

Read the article in entirty here.

Exclusive: Katsu's Graffiti Drone: video by Katsu / The Hole, New York City

Published in conjunction with the Center for the Study of the Drone.

KATSU is an artist and a vandal and a clever hacker too. His work pushes our idea of what can be achieved with the graffiti artist's limited tool-set. Having established himself as one of New York City's most prolific and imaginative taggers in the 1990s, he garnered admiration from the arts community (and condemnation from the authorities) when he pioneered the fire extinguisher spray can, which has permitted him to expand the scale of his art by orders of magnitude. He famously demoed it at "Art in the Streets," a 2012 show at the the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, when, without invitation, he left his multi-story calling card on the side of the museum.

Just as autonomous drone technology in the military sphere will challenge structures of accountability and responsibility, KATSU’s graffiti drone, which he hopes will soon be capable of autonomously creating its own artworks, challenges our notions of authorship, creativity and power: Who's the artist, the human or the machine? Likewise, just as the drone has expanded the physical and surveillant reach of militaries and governments, what will it mean in the hands of the citizen and the artist? In the cities where artists constantly seek to place their artwork in the most unreachable places, the drone could become a powerful tool of art and vandalism.

Metropolitan police departments everywhere may have another reason to be anxious about Katsu's graffiti drone: he says he intends to develop the machine as an open source technology so that artists everywhere can make their own. They'll use it on canvas, as KATSU has. But they'll likely find many other uses too: this weekend Katsu hopes to test the drone, unannounced, on other surfaces around Silicon Valley.

Richmond Virginia Mural Project Returns in June

Art Whino returns to Richmond for the third installment of the Richmond Mural Project as artists from all over the world will be painting the city between June 16 and June 27, 2014, according to a post to its website.

IMG_0785More from the post:

"After completing 48 murals during the last edition of the mural project, Art Whino will work with eight to twelve of the top muralists from around the world  to curate another round of murals. Bringing Richmond a sampling of the great variety of mural work worldwide, just as in past years, the selection of artists will feature a dynamic range of styles and subject matter which creates a unique experience for visitors, providing a glimpse into a worldwide movement in one city. The creation of another 20 murals this year will bring the number to over 68 throughout the city, further establishing the Richmond Mural Project. This edition will continue to build Richmond’s reputation as a go to destination for murals that incite exploration of the city through weekend visits that result in the discovery of the city Richmond itself, with its neighborhoods, businesses, and culture, as visitors hunt for the next mural."

This year’s lineup includes New York-based artist Ron English, whose work often involves subversive pop imagery such as an obese Ronald McDonald. Other artists include Chazme 718 and Sepe of Poland, Interesni Kazki of Ukraine, Meggs of Australia, Onur of Switzerland, Smitheone of Mexico and Wes21 of Switzerland.

Due to the 2012 G40 Art Summit, the 2013 Richmond Mural Project and the RVA Street Art Festival, and smaller projects like The Light of Human Kindess, Richmond has become a much more colorful city. We made a printable map of all the murals with a list of all their addresses.

The New York Dance Parade - May 17, 2014

The New York Dance Parade is one of the most unique and fun parades I know. It is one long dance festival that winds its way through Greenwich Village. And this year it is scheduled for May 17, 2014. Learn more at their site -  http://danceparade.org/EE/

Their mission is "To promote dance as an expressive and unifying art form by showcasing all forms of dance, educating the general public about the opportunities to experience dance, and celebrating diversity of dance in New York City by sponsoring a yearly city-wide dance parade and dance festival."

Groups can register now on the site.