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September 2015

What Tears Look Like Under a Microscope

Photographer-shows-us-what-tears-look-like-under-a-microscope8-650x650This is by Inigo del Castillo in New Photography:

Contrary to popular belief, tears are not made of broken hearts and shattered dreams, they’re actually composed of antibodies, oils, and enzymes, all swirling around in pools of salt water. Dutch Maurice Mikkers shows us this beautiful composition by putting tears under the lens of a microscope.

In his eye-opening series (pun intended) for Medium, Mikkers invited some of his friends over to shed tears using any of the following methods: cutting onions, eating hot peppers, looking into a fan, watching the opening sequence of Pixar’s Up, or experiencing profound sadness or happiness.

Using a micropipette, he was able to capture and transfer these tears onto a microscopic slide. He then waited for the sample to crystallize before observing them under a microscope. The result is a collection of tears, each with its own unique composition and formation.

‘In the future I will be trying to expand these series with several new images of other volunteers’, wrote Mikkers. ‘Even if there is no scientifically difference, value or information generated out of it. For me this project is all about showing the volunteers the beauty of their own tears thought the look of a microscope’.

Oreo Art

Oreo-art-Starry-night-van-gogh-IIHIHList this under "what will they think of next?". Tisha Cherry uses oreo cookies as her canvas and creates some amazing works of art. I know that the temptation will be to eat them but please refrain. They are just too beautiful.

Keep up with Tisha Cherry’s latest creations by following her on Instagram or on Twitter: https://twitter.com/artintheeats. Use hashtag #artintheeats to find more of her work. -

See more at: http://www.ifitshipitshere.com/tisha-cherry-oreo-art/#sthash.hhU4s5nx.dpuf

Artists breathe new life into a community by painting all 209 of their houses

Artists-breathe-new-life-into-a-community-by-painting-all-200-of-their-houses51-650x332In Mexico, a youth organization collaborated with the local government to bring change to an impoverished community by turning their entire neighbourhood into a massive mural.

The group of street artists ‘Germen Crew’ transformed the town of Palmitas into a rainbow mural, painting 209 homes – or equivalent to 20,000 square metres of façade. What was once a sight of urban decay and bad urban planning has now turned into something that’s worthy of a place in an exhibit!

More than just sprucing up the place, the project has almost completely eradicated violence among youths in the district comprising 452 families, or 1808 people.

Brooklyn Street Art Newsletter - August / September 2015



Editorz, 30 Aug 12:02 AM

Dude, Dudette, this is the moment to make the most of Summer before it in subsumed into crazy New York fall. There is so much art on the streets you may not even want to go inside. Actually, if you haven’t seen the China: Through the Looking Glass at the Metropolitan Museum, you have to […]

Round Up! BSA at NUART, Borås, Coney, BKM, and ON Brooklyn Streets
Editorz, 29 Aug 06:35 PM

BSA is excited to be at the Nuart Festival to celebrate 15 years this week. As we told Katherine Brooks in The Huffington Post yesterday “We’ve always admired their willingness to push past comfort zones and embrace a hybrid of academic programming and a rebellious streak that stays true to graffiti’s roots.” And if you […]

The Weird World of the Weird Crew in BK
Editorz, 29 Aug 06:00 AM

Things are looking weird in Brooklyn at the moment thanks to Cone, Dxtr, Hrvb, Look, and Vidam. The Berlin based crew are in town for their show at Exit Room that opened last night and as soon as they hit the streets they also knocked out this wall in BK. A collective of 5 individually […]

BSA Film Friday: 08.28.15
Editorz, 28 Aug 12:02 AM

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Lilith and Olaf at Nuart ’15 by Ella & Pitr 2. Come Enjoy the Wonderful World of Dismaland! 3. Wall Therapy 2015: Eder Muniz 4. Wall Therapy 2015: Handiedan BSA Special Feature: Lilith and Olaf […]

Poetry, Prose and Witty Texting: The Conversation on The Street
Editorz, 27 Aug 06:00 AM

“True poetry cares nothing for poems” says Raoul Vaneigem, the Belgium Situationist who taught us that we are creating our lives twenty-four hours a day, in his book “The Revolution of Everyday Life.” The act of living is a certain poetry in itself, we have decided. Jef Aeorosl pays tribute to Andy Warhol on the […]

The Wonderfully Dismal Kingdom of Banksy
Editorz, 26 Aug 06:00 AM

Banksy has ventured into the entertaining resort business. One that would possibly be your last resort. A scathing social and political critique of any number of targets that routinely come under the purview of this artist/curator/commentator/showman, this big tent brings everyone inside for a beating. Rampant capitalism, civic hypocrisy, the war industry, advertising deceit, an […]

What’s The Word, Bird? Fine Feathered Friends Soar On The Street
Editorz, 25 Aug 12:02 AM

It’s a convivial if embarrassing juxtaposition when you witness a bird in flight in this brutish man-made city environment, so unrefined are all of our efforts next to his. He rewards us with a song or a soaring performance in air, and despite our heavy slow selves anchored to this pavement, we shield the sun […]

Willow and Swil : Hunting, Capturing and Exploring in Brooklyn
Editorz, 24 Aug 07:00 AM

Street art brothers Willow and Swil have just populated the streets with their wheat-pastes toward the end of summer here in Brooklyn. Urban Naturalists, that’s what we call them – studies and sketches and paintings of fauna and reptiles, bears and busts of figures and friends and music heroes. Swil (photo © Jaime Rojo) These […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 08.23.15
Editorz, 23 Aug 12:02 AM

Such a pleasure and honor to give a tour to Brooklyn Museum members yesterday – mainly because of the mixture of people who traipsed through Brooklyn streets with us: older, younger, academic, street smart, curiosity seeking, students, teachers. The questions and observations helped push our perspectives wider. Good to be schooled by someone who knew […]

Scott Albrecht Mural Painting in Denver : A Family Affair
Editorz, 22 Aug 06:00 AM

Brooklyn artist and designer Scott Albrecht usually works with collage or wood for his fine art of geometric patterning that hearken an arts and craft modernism of the 1970s. Now he has just completed a mural in Denver reprising his smaller works at a much larger scale – with a little help from the family. […]

Coney Art Walls Presents: BSA “On The Radar: New And Emerging Street Art Talent”
Editorz, 21 Aug 10:00 AM

Imagine taking a trip with BrooklynStreetArt.com (BSA) founders Steve and Jaime and never leaving your seat as they show you some of the exciting and inventive ideas that are running in the street right now. On The Radar: New and Emerging Street Art Talent From Brooklyn and Beyond A multimedia presentation with Steven P. Harrington […]

BSA Film Friday: 08.21.15
Editorz, 21 Aug 07:00 AM

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. (RE) Prisma by Narcelio Grud 2. Cranio in France 3. Wall Therapy 2015: Li-Hill BSA Special Feature: Narcelio Grud and Mara Hope The ship Mara Hope, stranded for 30 years on Iracema Beach alongside the […]

NEMO’s, a Censored Penis, and Slicing The Human Condition in Brooklyn
Editorz, 20 Aug 07:00 AM

Italian Street Artist NEMO’s made his first trip to New York last week and immediately gave one of his desperate men to the cityscape in Williamsburg. We should mention that the subject was obviously a man until some neighbors complained and one particular detail had to be buffed to satisfy their tastes. The artistic metaphor […]

OS Gemeos Pop Through Walls Downtown NYC, Screens in Times Square
Editorz, 19 Aug 06:02 AM

Os Gemeos want to meet you in Times Square 3 minutes to midnight. Bring your video camera. Later they’ll meet you in the Village, where you can take a still shot. Os Gemeos (photo © Jaime Rojo) The flashing Times Square spectacle on display all during August across a patchwork of multiple screens by the […]

FAILE “Wishing On You” At The Flashy Crossroads of NYC
Editorz, 18 Aug 12:02 AM

FAILE Takes Times Square with Giant Prayer Wheel. Come Give it a Spin! A folk-art pagoda sitting quietly in the basin of a valley richocheting with electronic propaganda and consumption worship, the newest public piece by Brooklyn’s street art duo FAILE has a few mysteries to reveal to the river of tourists flowing around it […]

Athens Street Art Reflects Stress of Debt and Suffering of Poor
Editorz, 17 Aug 12:02 AM

As bankers put the final screws to the people of Greece with crushing unsustainable debt and Greece itself struggles with a flood of Syrians fleeing that war-torn country, art on the street is expressing some of the virulent discontent of the everyday people who are watching the economic ground slip out from beneath. WD. Athens, […]

Uncapped Interview with RISE

Great interview from Uncapped with the artist RISE:

Ladies and Gents, featured in this week’s Uncapped is our very own Lower East Sider, RISE. We begin with a bio from his email to your eyes…

I first became aware of graffiti or subway train scribbling with vivid colors and big characters when I was kid (6 or 7 yrs old) growing up in NYC. My mom used to take me everywhere with her, as we ran around doing errands and whatnot. I was born and raised in 3 Boroughs: L.E.S, Brooklyn and Queens. I had the opportunity to see all these trains going from Brooklyn over the Williamsburgh Bridge on the way to my grandmother’s apt on 4th and Ave C, and my father in Gouverneur Houses. I witnessed the trains bombed I also was in full view of the UpRockers and BBoys. Every corner we passed there was always someone with a boombox and cardboard spinning on their backs, lol…

My true introduction to graffiti was life-changing; 1984 is when my father passed away. My mom moved us from Bushwick to Ridgewood. During that transition I was fully aware and was hooked. I would stop turn around as the ‘M’ train rolled by Forest Ave Station just to look at the names. Fortunately for me, the apartment I lived in was about 20 feet from the tracks. It was like having a giant screen TV looking at the graff on the train from the rear back window. As I got older, I met more kids that were marker-tagging the neighborhood or writing on desks and blackboards in school. School is where I got more than an education, lol..

It was about 1988, when I was about 12, when I really got into it I settled on a name TASK and ran with it through out Ridgewood. Over the next few years as I honed my skills I grew bored of the name TASK so I played with a few names until I really settled on RISE. In 1992-93 I met SLASH FTR and the rest is history.

BOWERY BOOGIE: Thank you for that intro. Saved me a ton of work. Speaking of history – the very purpose of Uncapped is to document artists continuing the legacy of graff and its connection to NYC. Check AMUZE’s piece (S/O) and the Graffiti Origins piece (S/O UR NY) and now, well now, someone is using it as their mantra and making money off it. So, Rise, what would you do if someone stole from you?

RISE: Punch em in the face, hard….Really hard.


BB: Duly noted. Six or Seven is a young age to start. It’s kinda like skipping the “what I want to do with my life?” that we all struggle with. Graff is it for you. Do you have a day job?

RISE:  LMAO. I did kinda know what I wanted to do with my life at a young age; not having a solid family structure sorta molded me to the man I am now…no father growing up so I learned things on my own through trial and error and getting into trouble. If you’re asking if I’m employed, then no, I do not answer to anyone. I don’t punch a clock or worry if I’m late to work. I’m in control of my own destiny. I control how much money I make.

BB: So based on what you told me, the Lower East Side is a borough! I love that and agree (even though it’s not). Do you ever come back?  

RISE: I’m always in LES because my family – aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents – is still there. The exterior has changed, but much of the old soul still exists. When entering Gouverneur Houses the pissy elevators never disappoint, lmao.

BB: Ha! I never thought I would agree about missing “pissy” elevators. Yeah. f*ck the new exterior. Greedy bastards tearing down everything. Ok. Moving on. Do you vibe out to music while you paint? Seems like those BBoys had an influence on you…

RISE: Of course I vibe out to music. I have Pandora and throw on 90s hip hop and just get lost in the piece, my peripheral goes blurry and I’m focused…

BB: Yeah, R.I.P to real hip hop. You in any crews or is that a dumb question?

RISE:  CREWS? Man sooo many to name.. over the years crews have come and gone, revived and died out again. But if I had to name a few…first and foremost.. FTR CREW!!! Queens NYC.. 20+ years and many more to come.. KOA BBK SIC TPA NGL STF. These crews I’m currently repping with so many from the 90s and 2000s. If I forgot any, my bad, just too many to name. BSK WTO VIC NWC WDD RIP VE ASP PG3 ORO DG TEMER DORO SHINE XIST… SHOUT TO ALL WHO HAVE FALLEN.

BB: Good grief, man! I would’ve checked the grammar, but I have no idea where the acronyms start and end. Best graff experience or craziest story?

RISE:  My best graff experience had to be when I got a beep from PG [Millenials, that beep is from a pager or a beeper]. I called him back and he asked if I had paint and if I wanted to go with him to the piers in Williamsburgh. I jumped on my bike and I was at his crib in 5 minutes, lol. He lived in Bushwick and I was on Atlantic Ave. in Brownsville. It was me PG PEMA NAT PEAK REVS and DIVA. PG did my first ever outline. I was so appreciative and in awe of what I was experiencing. Not too many writers get to experience that.

Another story sticks out as the funniest but could’ve went south fast. It was me and NAT KOA, mid 90s right when Woolworth liquidated their stores. I had a crazy idea to rack paint from Woolworth. At first I wanted to buy, but the opportunity presented itself that we were able to basically clear out all of their paint supply. This was the Woolworths down by Flushing Ave train station ‘J’ line, so NAT was outside waiting. I walk out of the store and have my red Columbia jacket lined with paint and two Jansport book bags full clinking and clanging. I get to the door and the security guard looks, shakes his head, smiles and lets me leave. I stash my paint behind the dumpster by Burger King and go back in with NAT. He breaks the case with the paint, glass shatters everywhere. We freeze. No one comes, so we stuff his big-ass duffle bag and take all the Rustos, and as we are about to jet out the same security guard catches us, but again he doesn’t say or do anything. We got away with about 100 cans in that one session.


BB: Woolworths! The security guards were probably over it since they most likely lost their jobs. Lol. By the way, I gotta tell you- the fact that you spell Williamsburgh the original way- props. Do you think you’ll do this til the day you die? Tell us about the rush…

RISE:  Maybe not till the day I die. I will paint for as long as I enjoy it. once I no longer enjoy it I’m done. The rush for me are the compliments. Something I created someone else enjoys.

BB: Ever get into any legal (ahem) trouble?

RISE: First time I got caught I was doing a rooftop with NUKE BMF. I was 15- this was early 90s dead of winter. It was a short roof maybe 9-10 ft high. We were seen by blue and white. Nuke dove into an exhaust vent and was actually going to hang/jump into a pile of snow but I didn’t want to leave NUKE behind, so I buried myself in snow, but they weren’t stupid.We got bagged, taken in and got a DAT.

BB: I’m sorry, but did you say you buried yourself in snow and NUKE dove into a vent?

I gotta pause to picture this in my head and laugh...

Anywho, there are a bunch of Emcees named Rise. Yes, a bunch. Does anyone ever confuse you with someone else?

RISE:  Graff, Djing and emceeing these are different elements; never got confused between the elements. I’ve gotten confused with another writer (writers) with RISE, but they all been shut down by yours truly.

BB: Shut ’em down? Do tell.

There have been other RISEs in the past, people grow and do other things in life thus abandoning the name, I know in their hearts they still have love for graff, but can’t physically do it anymore leaving an opportunity open for others to pick the name. When I started writing RISE, I had no clue there were others, but by that time I was already a good 5-6 yrs in; there was no way I was gonna change it. Who do you think of when u hear RISE? Me, not them.

BB: Ok. Ok. Give us one inspirational quote or mantra that you live by.

RISE:  Stay real, never assimilate.

Word. Follow RISE @rise_FTR on IG. ’til then, peace yall!