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March 2017

Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital Ruin Porn

I am fascinated by buildings in ruin. And apparently there are many abandoned psychiatric hospitals that have been allowed to fall into decay all over the world. Atlas Obscura just posted an article on them. The one that is travel-able for me is Creedmore which is on the border of Long Island in NY.

CreedmoreHere is it's history:

Opened in 1912, Creedmoor State Hospital was initially the farm colony of Brooklyn State Hospital (now Kingsboro) with 32 patients who worked the farmland as part of their treatment. Like many other similar institutions, over the first half of the 20th century the population at Creedmoor rapidly expanded before deinstitutionalization occurred beginning in the 1950s, at which point the hospital shrank from 8,000 to 500 patients in the span of only four decades.

The 1970s were a rough time for the hospital, when crime infested the campus. Three rapes, 22 assaults, 52 fires, 130 burglaries, six suicides, a shooting, and a riot occurred within 20 months of each other. It was around this time that Building 25 was abandoned. Never sold off or demolished, it has been rotting on the hospital grounds since it was vacated in the early 1970s.

Besides the pigeons which have overtaken the top floor and the odd squatter, the building is empty of everything but detritus. Thick with grime, if it weren’t so inaccessible by public transportation this would likely be an even more popular spot for urban explorers, teenagers, and those others fascinated with forgotten things.

This is located across Union Turnpike from the active Creedmor campus, you'll see two smokestacks coming up from the property. The entrance is on Winchester Blvd and most of the campus is drivable. Some of the buildings are in active use, for offices and for residential rehabilitation.

Vandal - A Movie About Graffiti Life

IMG_0261Though surprisingly hard to find on the Ocean Drive Magazine website, an article about Graffiti Life appeared in their print edition. Called Vandal, it is a film project from Miami-based filmmakers Jose Daniel "Jaydee" Freixas and Antonio Gonzalez. It is currently shooting in the Wynwood section of Miami which is where many beautiful murals are located and in Little Havana. 

This is more from sommagazine -

Exilium, a Miami-based production company, announced today its new feature film, “Vandal,” an authentic drama about art, love, war, and the depths of the street graffiti game, which will begin shooting next month in Miami’s Wynwood, Little Havana, and Little Haiti neighborhoods.

The screenplay, written by Paul Taegel and Jose Daniel “Jaydee” Freixas (“Magic City Memoirs”) will be Freixas’ directorial debut and produced by Tony Gonzalez.  Executive Producers include Rob Weiss (“Entourage,” “Ballers”) and legendary graffiti artist Kelly “Risk” Graval.  Other Executive Producers include Marco Vicini, Los Arias, and Armando Perez.

Set in present day Miami, “Vandal” is a gritty drama about Cuban-American graffiti artist, Nick Cruz, also known as Damage, who leads his infamous crew while waging an all-city graffiti assault against his longtime rival, Sizmik.  Daniel Zovatto will star in the lead role of Nick Cruz.  Zovatto is most widely known for the roles he has played in “It Follows,” “Fear the Walking Dead” and “Don’t Breathe.”