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November 2019

Evanston Garage Door Gallery

I love this idea - as reported by AtlasObscura.

Mural_by_Teresa_Parod 5The murals have transformed a residential alley into a vibrant drive-through gallery.  

Original murals by artist Teresa Parod have transformed a residential alley in Evanston, Illinois into a vibrant drive-through gallery. The artist and educator has traveled widely and reimagines elements from a range of traditions in her paintings, collages, and textiles.

Parod uses garage doors as large-scale canvases, taking advantage of both the corrugated and flat textures. Her projects began after she painted a mural on her own garage door, and neighbors then asked her to paint their doors, too. 

Parod has exhibited throughout the United States and created public art including the Mardi Gras Bead Mosaic in New Orleans; the Wesley Kramer Memorial Mural in Evanston, Illinois, and an outdoor mosaic in Fusterlandia, a village near Havana, Cuba, where she will return in March 2020.

Entire communities have assisted in these works, which Parod often makes at her own expense and with donated materials. The projects transform neighborhoods with light, color, and creative energy.


Know Before You Go

The Evanston garage-door murals by Teresa Parod are located in the 2300 alleys between Thayer/Isabella and Thayer/Park. Visitors can drive through and are welcome to take photos and post with the hashtag #TeresaParodPublicArt.

Gripes - The Sequin Wall at Hudson Yards

Touted as a street art instagrammable wall in the Dubai-on-the-Hudson Hudson Yards Mall, this pathetic effort at cred leaves me cold. First they gentrify a neighborhood and chase all of the street artists out and then they construct a do-it-yourself "graf-wall" nicely situated among luxury retailers. Oh really?

Sequin wall







In my opinion, a better, more authentic wall would be similar to the gum wall in Seattle. Now that is art!