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Yarn Sculptures



Brooklyn based Mexican artist Melissa Godoy Nieto has a new project entitled ” Creatures of 2012″. In this new series of ‘experimental murals’ she uses hand-dyed yarn, pushpins and empty spray-paint cans to create what would usually be 2-d mix-media works into 3 dimensional sculptures. They are inspired by Mesoamerican imagery, temples and Mexican textiles.


Do Knit Disturb

Knitted room hotel peliroccoTake yarn bombing or yarn graffiti one step towards respectibility and you get the Hotel Pelirocco in Brighton England, also called the Rock and Roll Hotel who boasts a brand new knitted room from Brighton artist Kate Cardigan, complete with knitted breakfast and seagulls.

Probably worth a trip to Brighton England....


Yarn Bombing The Wall Street Bull in New York

Wall-street-bull yarnbombing The latest case of yarnbombing to hit NYC is the one that has wrapped the Wall Street Bull completely with magenta, pink and blue yarn. Beautiful!!

It seems street artist Jessie Hemmons has "graffitied" the Wall Street Bull with yarn as she did the statue of Rocky in Philadelphia. Yarnbombing is international and there are several examples right here in New York. Photos of NYC yarn bombing to follow in future posts.....

Here is a great video of the process with the Wall Street Bull: 


Yarn Bombing in Iceland

But first here is small example of yarnbombing in NYC:


This week's NY Times Magazine section provided a very beautiful example of yarnbombing - yarn based graffiti - in Iceland as part of an article on other aspects of Iceland. I don't think the Times realized that but I am thrilled that they ran this picture (which they do not allow to be shared on other sites). Here is the link:

 Check the photo out here.

Ever since the crash, Ragga Eiriksdottir has been earning a living with her knitting, publishing books and running a series of ‘‘knitting tours’’ around Iceland. ‘‘Knitting is the opposite of idolizing money,’’ she explained. ‘‘Knitting embodies thriftiness and is something old that has been with the nation forever.’’

Credit: Lars Tunbjork for The New York Times