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How a Korean Barista Is Turning Lattes Into Frothy Versions of Art History’s Greatest Masterpieces

I am not sure about drinking in the colors of this cup of coffee but it sure is beautiful!

Lee-Kang-Bin-CreamArt-1024x1024Each latte painting costs over $8 and takes 15 minutes to create.

It’s not every day that a simple cup of coffee becomes a work of art—unless you barista is South Korea’s Lee Kang-bin, who paints famous artworks and other incredible designs into lattes at Cafe C. Through, his coffee shop in Seoul.

“One time I drew The Starry Night and it looked so special as the famous painting placed on top of coffee. After that, lots of people ordered that coffee,” Lee told Reuters. His take on the Vincent van Gogh masterpiece was soon followed by a drinkable version of Edvard Munch’s iconic The Scream, and caffeinated Edgar Degas-style ballerinas.

Latte art has admittedly become something of cliché, but this is no simple heart or flower traced in the frothy milk layer atop your cup of joe. Lee’s full-color creations, painted with food coloring-enhanced heavy cream, aren’t even identifiable as a beverage, let alone a cup of coffee. He’s dubbed the new art form “CreamArt.”


Cheery Skeleton Mosaic Found in Turkey Says, “Enjoy Your Life”

Skeletonmosiac02Reclining by a wine jug and a portion of bread, a cup in one bony hand, the skeleton on a 3rd-century mosaic discovered in Turkey has a simple message for its viewers: “Be cheerful, enjoy your life.” The words in ancient Greek frame its skull and were revealed in a recent excavation in the ancient city of Antioch, located near today’s Syrian border.

According to Turkey’s state-run Anadolu Agency, the mosaic was found in 2012, but was shared by the agency last week. The Daily Sabah reports that excavations were launched in the area when construction began on a new cable car. The bacchanalian skeleton is part of a group of mosaics discovered on what’s believed to be a dining room floor. One directly beside the skeleton shows a man racing towards a sundial, another reminder of the passage of time.

It’s also not the only ancient mosaic to contain a corpse in the carpe diem spirit. Another similarly lounging but oddly fleshy skeleton was found along Rome’s Via Appia and is now part of the Museo Nazionale Romano. And two separate mosaics discovered at Pompeii feature, respectively, a skeleton standing with two wine pitchers and a skull balancing on a wheel between symbols of wealth and poverty, suggesting that death is the “great leveler.” While they might appear grim, their meaning was much more about celebrating life in the face of death than pondering that shared mortal fate.

Read full article here.


Oreo Art

Oreo-art-Starry-night-van-gogh-IIHIHList this under "what will they think of next?". Tisha Cherry uses oreo cookies as her canvas and creates some amazing works of art. I know that the temptation will be to eat them but please refrain. They are just too beautiful.

Keep up with Tisha Cherry’s latest creations by following her on Instagram or on Twitter: https://twitter.com/artintheeats. Use hashtag #artintheeats to find more of her work. -

See more at: http://www.ifitshipitshere.com/tisha-cherry-oreo-art/#sthash.hhU4s5nx.dpuf

East Village Bodega Transformed into a Street Art Gallery

Rae-word-of-mouth-bodega-street-art-5 Rae-word-of-mouth-bodega-street-art-5Street art isn’t something that can only appear in abandoned buildings, as proven by  RAE’s ”Word Of Mouth” piece in the East Village that takes over an everyday bodega and transforms it into a living piece of art. Alongside everyday items such as bread, beans and lotto tickets, you can find a huge variety of drawings, paintings, stickers, and sculptures that cover the walls and other surfaces in the store.

So when you buy your morning cup of coffee on 12th Street and Avenue C in New York City, pick up a piece of street art as well.

If You Don't Like The Music You Could Eat The Record

Breakbot-playable-chocolate-recordI may start buying records again.

French producer and DJ Thibaut Berland, who goes by the stage name Breakbot, has come up with a creative and tasty way to promote his single “By Your Side.” The edible vinyl is made completely of chocolate, and works just like an ordinary vinyl on any record player.

The chocolate vinyl was created by Yozik/Wiseband and Because Music. For $21, the single is available from Ed Banger Record and comes with an accompanying video that showcases the process of creating the limited-edition record. The record can be played and eaten straight afterwards.

We’ve also recently showcased creative takes on traditional vinyls such as the 3D-printed records that work on Fisher Price’s toy record player, and also screenprinted paper records.

Judith Klausner Oreo Cameos

Judith klausner Judith Klausner is a remarkable artist not least because of the materials she uses in her art. Currently she is uses Oreo cookies and creating hauntingly beautiful cameos.

Here is her artist statement:

I first began working with insects in 2005, and was startled by the strong reactions of disgust I received. It struck me as tragic that our cultural phobia could blind us so effectively to such exquisite delicacy. From there I became interested in examining what other small beauty was lost to us through prejudice or oversight.

My latest series (now in progress) uses Victorian handicraft processes to transform modern packaged foods, exploring how the intertwined histories of gender and craft have shaped one another and our everyday lives. I hope to change the way people see the small and often disregarded ephemera of life, and question what defines these things as ephemeral at all. What becomes mythologized, and what is discarded as mundane? Can the same set of skills that were once obligatory and unremarkable become valued craft simply based on a shift in cultural perspective?

In exploring these questions, my work brings to light the beauty (and sometimes humor) in subjects and materials often dismissed or taken for granted.

I revel in minutiae. I hope to share the joy this brings me.

A quick note: I've heard a lot of concern over my use of insects; I do NOT kill the insects. I collect dead insects in my wanderings, and my friends do the same for me. For some of the more obscure insects, I purchase from scientific supply companies. I have always been the person who rescues the bugs from under people's feet and bring them safely outside.

5 Pointz Food Drive

IMG_9277 5Pointz, located in Long Island City Queens, is world known for being an aerosol graffiti gallery / museum. This weekend and next weekend however, 5Pointz also becomes a focal point of a food drive. Here is the email from Meres. Bring food for this great cause -

5 Pointz Food Drive

We @ 5Pointz have decided that this year we want to help give back to the less fortunate. 5 pointz will be organizing 5 drives. The first of which is a food drive. Anyone interested in contributing to this cause can bring non perishable food items to the loading dock of 5 Pointz on the weekends of November 13th, 14th, 20th, and 21st to help feed the hungry this Thanksgiving.
We'll be accepting all canned goods, as well as any dry boxed goods. Please NOTHING perishable such as produce, meats, or anything that needs to be refrigerated or frozen before opening. Thanks. 5ptz.com

Street Art Comes to Tarrytown New York

Street Art Comes to Tarrytown

Urban Photography by Charlene Weisler at the Tappan Z Gallery

Special reception May 21, 2010 from 5p-10p

 “I have always been drawn to street art and loved the fact that it could morph on a daily basis. I strive to capture a slice of New York City that will soon disappear” says artist and street art blogger Charlene Weisler. Weisler’s Urban Montage photography reflects the changing images of street art and will be featured at the Tappan Z Gallery in a special one night only “Meet the Artist” reception on Friday, May 21, 2010 from 5p-10p.

As a street art inspired photographer, Weisler searches through peeling, eroding and weathered street art as a template for independent images in photographic collage. "There's a secretive nature to my photographs," she explains, “I capture forms you may not notice when walking by a wall covered with graffiti.” And the landscape changes quickly. Many of her photographs are of images that no longer exist.

Ray Endreny, owner of the Tappan Z Gallery, sees art as a way to bridge the current culture of New York City with historic Hudson Valley communities in Westchester County.  "Charlene Weisler brings an authentic, urban aesthetic to our gallery atmosphere and contributes to the vibrant feel of Main Street in Tarrytown."

Charlene Weisler’s Urban Montage photography exhibition at the gallery features some of her best loved works as well as some never seen before images from her recent portfolio. 

 Weisler, Happy Couple, photo






“Happy Couple” by Charlene Weisler





Weisler’s work has been profiled in the New York Sun, in Time Out Magazine and in other publications. "I don't photograph acts of graffiti per se. I am drawn to the decay and chaos and how that becomes part of the art," she said.

Charlene Weisler’s work can be previewed on the Tappan Z Gallery web site (www.tappanzgallery.com) or call the gallery for more information (914-332-8800).  Tappan Z Gallery is located at 51 Main Street, Tarrytown, NY 10591 (across from the fire station).  Metro North Hudson Line trains stop at Tarrytown station, a short walk down the hill from the gallery.