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David Glaser

David Glaser, atonal composer extraordinare. His work fits into modern urban montage of sound and rhythm.

Sirius (2012), for violin, viola, cello and piano by New York-based composer David Glaser, is the second in a series of compositions for string combinations and piano. The work reflects the composer's recent interest in the fantasy, a genre of Elizabethan viol consort music that alternates polyphonic passages with homophonic sections. A single movement work, Sirius is a sonic collection of colors that at times sounds other-worldly, especially during the muted violin and viola passages. Special effects such as the plucking of the piano strings and loud pizzicatos can sound gratuitous in the hands of less skilled composers, however Glaser uses them all with purpose. The ensemble effortlessly and beautifully passed the lines of vivid tonal colors back and forth and each had an opportunity to share the conducting responsibilities.




The Tiger Lillies

Saw the Tiger Lillies perform at St. Ann's Warehouse this past weekend and love this old timey yet contemporary musical feel. Part Weimar, part Bowery, all entertaining yet disturbing. A perfect musical note for the blog:


New Wave of Ink Counterculture in Tattoos

There are two instances recently of the evolution of tattoos.

One is 3-D tattoos which are often geometric but are sometimes graphically organic. My first reaction is horrified. My second reaction is intrigued. These three dimensional looking tattoos sometimes go over the top. I am not sure I could live with one. But they are certainly attention getters. As described by PSFK - 3D Tattoos Jump Right Off The Skin Like the shift from medieval paintings to Renaissance onces, so is the shift in tattoo art a lesson in perspective. There is currently an ongoing rise in three dimensional tattoos, that cleverly use shadowing and contrast to create the illusion of an image literally coming off or out of the skin. Adding a new dimension – both literally and figuratively – to tattooing, injects the genre with a renewed sense of wonder.

3d tatoo


The second trend is truly art driven. As described by PSFK - Cyborg Instrument Reads Tattoos Like A Musical Score Media artist Dmitry Morozov has created an instrument that uses tattoos as musical notation. The Tattoo Sound Controller uses black lines’ sensors that are mounted onto a railing that the wearer attaches to their arm. Morozov’s aim is to ‘represent the artist and his instrument as a creative hybrid’, transforming his tattoo from merely abstract lines to a musical instrument.

Music tattoo

If You Don't Like The Music You Could Eat The Record

Breakbot-playable-chocolate-recordI may start buying records again.

French producer and DJ Thibaut Berland, who goes by the stage name Breakbot, has come up with a creative and tasty way to promote his single “By Your Side.” The edible vinyl is made completely of chocolate, and works just like an ordinary vinyl on any record player.

The chocolate vinyl was created by Yozik/Wiseband and Because Music. For $21, the single is available from Ed Banger Record and comes with an accompanying video that showcases the process of creating the limited-edition record. The record can be played and eaten straight afterwards.

We’ve also recently showcased creative takes on traditional vinyls such as the 3D-printed records that work on Fisher Price’s toy record player, and also screenprinted paper records.

HooplaHa and 5 Pointz - A Hip Hop Fusion

The graffiti mecca 5 Pointz is not just for visual artists, it is also a great venue and a supportive base for Hip Hop artists.



Considered the world’s premiere graffiti center, 5Pointz is an outdoor art exhibit space in Queens, NY. Graffiti artists, hip-hop stars and tourists flock to this legendary venue to be a part of the vibrant art community. 5Pointz fanatics say it’s a perfect place to find inspiration and express art freely. Today, 5Pointz faces the threat of being replaced by high-rises and industrialization, but the general public remains determined to preserve this NY landmark.

Support the continued existence of 5 Pointz and HooplaHa- Life with A Smile- www.hooplaha.com

The Prince of Bummers - Happy Valentines Day


Leonard cohen2

Just in time for Valentines Day - a post heralding the Troubador of Lost Love. This is someone who has comforted me in dark times and led me to the light of possibilites.

I have been a fan of Leonard Cohen since undergrad school (the number of years ago is .... well  let's not go there...). He has been called "The Grocer of Despair" (which is a lyric in one of his early songs BTW), "The Dirty Old Man" (even when he was not really that old), "The Poet Laureate of Despair" and the more recent title of "Prince of Bummers" which I especially enjoy. His music has been called "Music to Slit Your Wrists To" and to a young art student, it was all poetry and philosophy. Needless to say, I have all of his albums as well as all of his books of poetry and even his novel, "Beautiful Losers" which I read a few times.

So when I read in the Sunday NY Times that he is also the "King of Pop" with a #1 hit on the charts, I had to pause and reflect. I am proud of him - his uncompromising croaking of love and despair has hit a universal nerve. I do not begrudge him his well-deserved acclaim but I am sort of ambivalent about it at the same time. I hate sharing my sacred discoveries. So now, once discovered by the mass culture, will his exclusivity evaporate as the general hordes try to claim him as one of their own?

Sing on Leonard. Happy Valentines Day.

But there is an upside - more information that ever is available about Leonard. And one of my newest discoveries is a blog 1 Heck Of A Guy which offers as much trivia about him as you could possibly want. Check it out.



Giglio Festival - Brooklyn New York

Call it a religious festival or call it street theater, the annual Giglio Feast is not to be missed. There are actually two of them in NYC. One is in East Harlem and the other is in Williamsburg Brooklyn. The one in Brooklyn is always in July around the second week.

This video has a great and unique perspective - from on high. Once I upload my on the ground video from this year's festival - 2011, you will see the parade from top to bottom.