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Project Neon is a tumblr blog that celebrates old New York City neon signs. Beautiful glowing sentinals of the past, they are fast disappearing. Catch them here.

About Project Neon

Follow a girl as she follows the glow in search of New York's best neon signs. Every week I'll visit another one of New York City's neon-clad establishments and post a photo & story, and tell you more about why I'm traipsing around this metropolis in the cold & dark to visit pharmacies, shoe repair stores, and bars with good neon signs to buy cough syrup, get my shoes repaired or have a drink.

New York Neon

JESUS-02AJust discovered this great new blog which captures all the old New York neon signs left in the city. At once modern and retro, these signs are fast disappearing. It is nice that there is a place where they can be collected, admired and remembered.

Here is the link to NY Neon.