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RHYMOSAURS: Brush Your Teeth Rex

RymosaursLooking for a great gift for a kid? Artist Charles Ugas has just illustrated a new children's book called Brush Your Teeth Rex (RHYMOSAURS).

It was written by Orlando 'Zeps' Molina, who is a very talented MC out of Brooklyn, and Illustrated by Ugas who explains, "It's a short story about a young dinosaur that loves to eat junk food and at the end of the day he has to figure out a way to brush his teeth, because being that he's a T-Rex, he has very short arms."
The cool thing about the book is that it is told in a RHYME format so kids could rhyme along as they read OR they could get the Audio version on Audible.com and sing along. Half of the book is in color and the other half is in Black/White with space for the kids to color and/or write their own rhymes," he said.
In addition to illustrating children's books, Ugas' work is also included in an Illustrated Anthology called "Puerto Rico Strong' under a comic company called Lion Forge. It's a collection of short illustrated stories about Puerto Ricans and their story about what makes them American. The proceeds will be go toward the Puerto Rican Recovery Efforts from Hurricane Maria.
Puerto Rico Strong is available for Pre-order on Amazon as well...and will be released in March 2018.

Poetry Bombing

Poetrybombing This is one of the most unique forms of "graffiti" I have heard of. I am a great lover of poetry from Wakowski and Cohen to Elliott and Whitman. And now artist Agustina Woodgate has brought poetry to the urban streets ... so to speak.

For her contribution to the O Miami poetry festival in April, artist Agustina Woodgate secretly sewed poems into garments at a local thrift store in Miami. The idea behind her project ‘Poetry Tags‘ was to make poems more accessible by giving each everyday item of clothing a voice, where by happenstance people were gifted a message.

Armed only with needles, thread, and printed tags with the words of Sylvia Plath and Li Po, this form of literary rebellion is simply about discovery and making poetry more accessible to a broader audience. Watch the video below as the artist explains how her work is like a surprise as the camera follows the artist into a thrift store.

See the video here.

Marvin The Poet

We used to call Marvin "The Mayor of Greenwich Village". That is until he moved to the very trendy Lower East Side. He used to be a gallery owner, representing some of the best emerging artists of the time.

Now he is an accomplished poet whose work is haunting, despairing and cutting. Just like one needs a biscotti with every cup of espresso, art needs poetry. Marvin is a fitting cresendo close to Poetry month. Here is a video of Marvin in action. And you can read his poetry blog here.