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Street Art Throwdown on Oxygen

Street art on OxygenI guess a show on street art was bound to happen now that this art movement is mainstreaming. So the question becomes - what type of show should be created that will showcase the creation of street art that can match the dynamism of the actual creation of that art? Oxygen's answer is Street Art Throwdown which premiered this week.

I was not looking forward to viewing it but I decided that I must. I watched the first episode live (not sitting in my DVR for a few days to pass...) and when it was over I have to say that I was okay with it. Is this a great show? No. Is this a show that really gets to the core of street art? No. It is a contest involving wannabe LA based artists. 

Some art critics hated the show like Jerry Saltz. I say, lighten up.



Chirality in Breaking Bad and, For Me, Street Art

Chirality  is the mirror image that at once looks alike but behaves differently. The concept of chirality is explained excellently in this video about Breaking Bad and Walter White's transformation from good to evil.I post this as a fond farewell to a great series.

In thinking about chirality, I liken it to the contradictions in the art world today - from fine art to street art. "Fine Art" is acceptable, professional, falling within the societal boundaries of what is considered art. Compare that to its opposite "Street Art" - the rebellious counterpoint to the acceptable art form, raw, uncontrollable, unprofessional, even illegal. What will happen to Street Art as it slowly becomes acceptable in galleries and museums. Will it retain it's raw authenticity? 

I reflect on chirality, whether in Breaking Bad or in Street Art.


Banksy Will Not Be Allowed At The Oscars

Banksy oscars Even if his movie Exit Through the Gift Shop wins an Oscar, the elusive street artist Bansky will not be allowed to receive it onstage according to the Oscars in charge.

It is an outrage!

According to The National Post in Canada, one of the film's producers will accept on behalf of Banksy. In this way, the Oscar's can maintain decorum (if you can believe that they have decorum). According to the National Post, hope springs eternal for fans of Banksy that he will indeed make an appearance. Let's hope so!