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Erica 11-05-08 Today I write about the different tarot decks and my preferences.


Over the years I have had the opportunity to use and peruse a number of Tarot Decks. There was, of course, my first deck that was given to me.  This deck was the original Rider-Waite. I learned to read with this deck and there is a comfort I feel when I handle it. 


Then I saw another rendition of this deck by Frankie Albano. While the depictions on each card are the same as the classic Rider-Waite the colors were so much more vibrant and the drawing literally jumped out at me. Typically this is the deck I use when reading fro clients. Most people do not know the difference and they have seen the drawings of this deck so there is a comfort level for them as well. I have procured other decks over time.  They are all beautiful and all of them have a message that comes through in the reading. 


The Witch’s Tarot has beautiful paintings depicting both the Major and Minor Arcana, but the Courts are all the same in each suit with exception of color. The reason for this is that with this deck the Courts act as a qualifier for the card that preceded it. What that means is that the qualities of that Court’s suit are used to enhance the card put down first. Because of this, I use this deck strictly for personal divination. 


It is important as a reader to stretch yourself and use different decks. Where the Witch’s Tarot has complexity the African Tarot is child-like in its appearance. The deck itself is tiny, 2” x 2½”. The depictions on the cards are taken from the Rider-Waite the drawing are simple, the colors are vibrant and the deck has a comforting feel to it.  Due to its size it can be difficult to work with but a fun deck to have. 


What ever deck you use you should feel a connection to. This is paramount as it will be easier to read the insights and mysteries that the cards have. 


Next time: Tarot de Muerto (Tarot of the Dead)

Ceridwyn lives in Las Vegas, NV with her husband, 2 daughters, 2 cats, 2 dogs and 5 fish.  Ceridwyn is a Certified Tarot Reader through the American Tarot Association.  She can be contacted for readings via her Facebook page: Ceridwyn’s Online Readings.  She can also be reached via email at: ceridwynscircle@yahoo.com


You missed the belline oracle which is a very good alternative to Riders-Waite tarot card deck.

I have to check that deck out.
Thanks for the tip!

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