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FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH!!! An auspicious day!

We have all seen it...people getting nervous and actually frightened of this day.  Actually one should look upon Friday the Thirteenth as a day of GOOD luck and not bad!  Pagans and Wiccans alike look to the number 13 as a good omen. A coven will have 13 members, a baker's dozen is 13, and the 13th card in the Tarot is Death which means great changes are about to occur, perhaps a raise, or a new job.  Maybe a baby is on the way or nuptials upon the horizon.  Do not despair and fear this day but EMBRACE IT!!

Blessed be one and all on this auspicious day...Good tiding to everyone!

Tarot of the dead - death


It is interesting to see that friday the thirteen is a lucky day in some culures and a sad day for orthers. Even in the same cultures we can see people with a different approach of this day...

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