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December 2009

Yule Gifts for $20.00 and under....

You know it's coming...the memo about the office Holiday Party and everyone bring a gift...don't spend more than $20.  PUH-LEEZE...there are members of my own family who I don't spend that much on, let alone some person with whom I work and barley know.  Or you find yourself going as a guest to a holiday party  at the home of someone you "are acquainted with"and you have to bring "a little something" for the blind gift exchange.  Well...in these economic times when the cost of everything matters here are a few inexpensive gifties that you will not mind giving because you wouldn't mind getting them!

The first is this Aromatherapy candle.  It burns for 24 hours and at only $7.45 you could pick up a few (there are other scents besides Lavender) to have on hand for that unexpected need for an extra gift.

Lavender Aromatherapy Candle- 24 hr. burn time- made with 100% pure essential oils


I have another candle for you as well.  This one is a soy based candle and is also a steal for $4.09.  I have used this company's candles before, they burn very clean and smell fantastic! (I ordered 3!!!)

Therepe Scented Soy Jar Candles


This book is a must have for the new year for ALL OF US: Spiritual Cleansing: Handbook of Psychic ProtectionInside there are all sorts of ways to rid your home, office and car of negativity.  This is a great buy at $10.36!


I will have more gift ideas as the time draws closer to Yule.  If you would like to have a reading with me in person I will be at the Olive Hookah Lounge this Friday & Saturday Night!  If you need more information please FB me or email me!  Blessed Be!


Yule gift