This is a great card for me, too. Just yesterday I was thnnikig that perhaps I should go back home 6 weeks early and get about looking for a job! Even though I know i am experiencing a once in a life time opportunity to learn about myself and the world.Waiting for the answers to flow in, rather than pushing for what I think I need is definitely one of them!Also, travelling through Europe on a budget is a constant lesson that I can get along with much less comfort and luxury than I am used to.In Florence, I reserved a room at a convent which had a shower in the room. Even though I am on a budget, I just wasn''t ready for sharing a bathroom with strangers.There was indeed a shower and a washstand in my room. What it was missing? A toilet!! Seriously!I could hardly believe it. Yes, I did ask for a room with a toilet and a shower. No Madam, that room has been reserved for a year.However, I only have me to look out for.I am wondering if it is time for you to ask the boys for some emotional support for you?Love you,Andrea

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