New York Weather Highlights of 1996
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New York Weather Highlights of 1997



3 -  An unseasonably mild afternoon high of 62° occurred just two days after a morning low of 11°.

11 - The biggest snowfall of the winter, 3.5", fell in just three hours between 3-6:00 AM.  (Just 10 inches fell for the entire winter.)

19 - Yesterday (high/low of 17°/7°) and today (20°/4°) had the coldest mean temperatures of the winter.

25 - Rain that fell overnight amounted to 1.59" (0.36" from 1/24) and was largely over by 4 AM.



8 - 2.6" of snow fell during the afternoon and evening.  It was the second largest accumulation in a winter in which just ten inches fell.

11 - Today was the fourth day in a row in which the mean temperature (the average of the high and low) was right at the seasonal average (32°).  Temperatures during these four days: 36°/27°, 39°/24°, 35°/28° and today's 39°/27°.

19 - Today's high of 66° was a record for the date.

22 - Today's springlike high of 69° was a record for the date and three degrees warmer than two days ago when another record high was set.  

27 - Today's high of 72° (twenty-nine degrees above average) was the third record high in the past nine days, but it was just two days after a low of 19°, which was three days after a high of 69°.   (At the time this became the third mildest February on record; it's now ranked ninth).



6 - Although rain fell on eight of the past nine days it amounted to only 1.05".  Today's rainfall was just 0.07" but it was accompanied by ferocious winds, with Central Park recording a wind gust of 52 mph (bringing to mind the Ash Wednesday nor'easter on the same date in 1962).

10 - The half-inch of snow that fell today was the largest accumulation on this date in the 50-year period between 1962-2012.  However, it was quickly washed away by rain as the temperature rose into the low 50s. 

14 - Early in the morning precipitation began as snow, sleet and freezing rain for a few hours before changing over to steady rain after 10 AM which continued for the rest of the day (in total an inch of precipitation fell, just 0.02" shy of the record for the date).  The snow amounted to just 0.2", the final snowfall of the winter.  Total snowfall for the winter was well below average at 10.0", quite a contrast from the previous winter's record setting 75.6".  This was the least snow since the winter of 1988-89 when 8.1" fell. 

31 - A nor'easter with 30-45 mph wind gusts dumped 2.32" of rain in New York and record amounts of snow in New England the following day (25" in Boston, 18" in Providence).  A few days earlier NYC had been warned of the potential for significant snow accumulation as well, but too much mild air moved in to make that possible.    



11 - The Yankees played their home opener on a sunny but quite chilly day, with the afternoon temperature about ten degrees colder than average (upper 40s).  And although the World Champions took a 1-0 lead into the 9th they ended up losing to Oakland in 12 innings.



19 - Today was the only day of the month that warmed into the 80s (high was 83°), the fewest such days since May 1983, which had none.  (2003 and 2005 would also have no 80-degree days.)  This lack of 80-degree temperatures helped make this the chilliest May in thirty years. 



2 - 0.99" of rain fell today, more than half of the month's total (1.93").

9 - Twenty of the past twenty-one days had below-average temperatures, resulting in temperatures that were six degrees below average.

18 - During a thunderstorm 0.36" of rain fell in five minutes between 11:05-11:10 PM and 0.64" fell in fifteen minutes between 11:04-11:19 PM.

21 - Today's high of 90° was the first 90-degree reading of the year, three weeks later than the typical date for this occurrence - and the latest date since 1985.  This was also the first of five 90-degree days thru 6/29.



15 - Today's high/low 97°/77° made it the hottest day of the summer.  A brief thunderstorm moved through between 5-6:00 PM and dropped 0.17" of rain.

21 - 0.81" of rain fell in a 45-minute period between 11:05-11:50 PM.  (Actually, the rain fell between 12:05-12:50 on 7/22, but the National Weather Service uses Standard Time year-round and doesn't recognize Daylight Saving Time.)   

24 - The remnants of hurricane Danny dumped 3.75" of rain, the rainiest 24-hour period on record for the month of July.  (Rain that fell after midnight brought the storm's total rainfall to 4.62".)  Rain was heaviest between 7:21-8:21 PM when 0.94" fell.  With winds out of the east/northeast it was also a very cool day; the high of 68°/low of 58° was fifteen degrees below average.

25 - Six inches of rain fell in the past five days, about 50% above July's average rainfall.

27 - Today's 0.09" of rain was the last rainfall during the wettest July (8.36" of rain) since 1975.  (And it would the rainiest July until 2021, when more than ten inches fell.)



4 - The low this morning of 65° was the "coolest" reading on this date and the mildest "minimum" temperature for any day of the year (between 1980-2015).  

15 - Today was the seventh in a row in which the mean temperature was one degree above or below average, the longest such streak in the years between 1970-2015 period (tied three years later).  During the past four days the highs/lows were: 81°/71°, 81°/71°, 82°/71° and 82°/70° (today).

17 - Today, with a high of 93°, was the last 90-degree day of the year.  In total, a dozen days reached 90° or higher in 1997, well below the average of eighteen.

24 - This was the seventh day in a row in which lows were in the 60°-62° range, and it followed eight days in a row with lows that were 70°-72° (Aug. 10-17).  By contrast, high temperatures weren't in this narrow, consistent range.  (Average low during these two weeks of August is in the upper 60s.) 

26 - This was the ninth day in a row in which the high temperature was cooler than 80°, one of the lengthiest strings of "cool" days of any summer in the 1970-2020 period.  During these days the average high was 76°, six degrees below average.

29 - 0.83" of rain fell between 11:00 AM-1:00 PM.



26 - It was a chilly day (high/low of 50°/38°, ten degrees below average), with rain moving in after 4:00 PM.  The 0.36" that fell thru midnight was the first rain on this date in 11 years.

27 - The 0.36" of rain that fell before dawn was the last rainfall this month and brought October's total to 2.10" - the exact same amount that fell in September.  This was the fifth time for this type of phenomenon, joining May/June 1917; Nov/Dec 1945; Dec. 1980/Jan. 1981; and June/July 1985.  (And there have been nine instances of back-to-back months being 0.01" apart.)



2 - 0.46" of rain fell between 3-3:30 this afternoon.

16 - Temperatures today and the past two days were very similar and never got out of the 30s, with highs/lows of: 38°/32°, 37°/32° and 39°/31° (today).  These temperatures were thirteen degrees below average.   

18 - Today was the sixth day in a row with temperatures 10 degrees or more below average.  The high/low during these days was a chilly 41°/30°, twelve degrees colder than what is typical for mid-November and it fell in the middle of a three-week period in which none of the days had above average readings.  By coincidence, last November had a similar six-day stretch of chilly weather ( 11/11-16).  However, this year's was different in that every day had a low of 32° or colder, the longest such streak in November since before 1960.



11 - After drizzle and ice pellets fell overnight, the daylight hours were gray and raw, with just two degrees separating the high (35°) and low (33°).

13 - This was the fourth day in a row with a morning low of 33°, which was at the seasonal average.

16 - Today's high of 54° was the mildest reading of the month, a relatively cool reading for that distinction.

22 - The 0.14" of cold rain that fell this evening after 8 PM was the first precipitation to fall on this date since 1983.


Chart - 1989 hottest and coldest


To read highlights from other years between 1970 and 2019 double click here. 




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