New York Weather Highlights of 1998
New York Weather Highlights of 2000

New York Weather Highlights of 1999



1 - The year began with a teeth-chattering low of 11°, which occurred shortly before midnight.  This was the third year in a row that started with temperatures that were quite cold (New Year's Day 1998 had a low of 14°, 1997's had a low of 11°). 

2 - Today's high/low of 25°/9° made this the coldest day of the winter - and the coldest of the past two years (since Jan. 19, 1997 when it was 20°/4°). 

3 - The Arctic chill of the past few days was replaced by mild air which accompanied a storm system that produced 2.42" of rain, a record amount for the date.  The rain came down heaviest between 10-11 AM when 0.89" poured down.  Today's high was 51°, the only day between Dec. 31 and Jan. 6 to have a high temperature above freezing.

8 - 2.5" of snow fell.  This would be the winter's largest accumulation until mid-March.  The precipitation started as snow late in the morning, changed to freezing rain late in the afternoon and then to rain overnight.

12 - Today's high of 50° was reached just before midnight and was twice as warm as the bone-chilling temperature 24 hours earlier.

14 - Despite very cold temperatures (high/low of 22°/15°), light snow was mixed with sleet and freezing rain, producing an accumulation of two inches. 

24 -Today was the eighth in a row with temperatures 10 degrees or more above average.  The high/low during these days was 51°/38°, fourteen degrees above average.  Today's high was 60°, with 1.04" of rain during the daytime hours.

30 - This was the 15th straight day with above average temperatures.  During this stretch temperatures were 10 degrees above normal.



12 - The past four weeks were 11 degrees warmer than average.  Today's high of 62° was a record for the date.



15 - Beginning late last night five inches of wet snow fell, the biggest snowfall of the winter.  The temperature got no lower than 32° and made it up to 41° by afternoon.  This was the last snowfall of a winter in which just 12.7" fell.  By coincidence, last winter's biggest snow was also five inches and occurred around this time (March 22).

16 - This was the winter's last morning with a low temperature of 32° or colder, the earliest date for the last freeze since 1962 (when it occurred on 3/9).  This early date would be tied six years later.  (Average date for the last freezing morning low is March 31.)  



9 - A steady light rain fell between noon and 6PM and it resulted in the Yankees home opener being called after seven innings with the Yankees in the lead 12-3.  Not only was it rainy, but cold as the temperature fell all day.  By game time it was down into the mid-40s - quite a change from yesterday's 80-degree weather.



11 - For the past seven days low temperatures were between 54° and 56°, a few degrees milder than average.  Highs, however, were more variable, ranging between 58° and 73°.

23 - Scattered showers that fell throughout the day amounted to 0.30", the first rain on this date in 10 years.

24 - 1.22" of rain fell in three hours between 11 AM-2 PM.

29 - Memorial Day weekend began today and it may have been the nicest one ever as each day featured bright sunshine and high temperatures in the upper 80s (87°-88°-89°).



7 - Today's high soared to 94°, seventeen degrees above average, and the first 90-degree temperature of the year. 

22 - Low temperatures during the past seven days were between 58° and 60° degrees: 58°-58°-58°-59°-60°-59°-58° (today) - about five degrees cooler than average.  Afternoon highs, however, were more variable and ranged between 66° and 83°.    



1 - The 0.24" of rain that fell today was the most of any day this month and accounted for more than half of the month's total, a record 0.44". 

4 - With a high of 96°, this was the hottest 4th of July in 33 years.  Not only was it hot, but unbearably humid as the dew point in the afternoon was in the low 70s, which produced a heat index of 110°.  Today was the first of eighteen 90-degree days in July (eleven of which were 95°+). 

5 - Not surprisingly today's high of 101° was a record for the date.  It was also the earliest date with a triple-digit temperature since 1966.

6 - For the second day in a row the high reached 101°.  The morning low was just 83°.  This was one of three days with highs of 101° (the others were 7/5 and 7/19) but today's low was the warmest of the three dates, making it the date with the hottest mean temperature of 1999. 

14 - Low temperatures during the past four days were: 61°-62°-63°-64° (today).  The typical low during these days is 69°.

17 - The high temperature soared to 98°.

19 - Today's high temperature soared to 101°, the third day this month with a reading of 101°. 

22 - Between May 25 and today just one inch of rain fell (0.02" fell today).  The typical amount of rain during this period is approximately eight-and-a-half inches.

25 - Today's high of 97° was a record for the date.

28 - This was the eleventh day this month with a high of 95° or hotter.  And at 97° today's high was hot enough to set the record for the date.  



1 - This afternoon's high hit 98°, the hottest reading of the month.

2 - This was the last of eleven consecutive days with highs in the 90s, one day shy of New York's all-time streak of twelve days set in Aug/Sept of 1953.  During this streak the average high temperature was 94° and ranged between 90° and 98°.   

5 - Today was the last 90-degree day of the summer, one of the earliest dates for this occurrence.  In a typical year the last 90-degree reading usually occurs at the end of  August.  What made it even more surprising is that it was during a summer that had 50% more 90-degree days than average (27 vs. 18).

7 - Today was the sixteenth day in a row in which the high temperature was 87° or higher.  Twelve of the days had temperatures in the 90s, including eleven in a row between July 23 and Aug. 2.  For the entire stretch of days the average high was 92°, eight degrees hotter than average.

19 - Today was the 36th day in a row with a high of 80° or warmer, the longest such streak since 1966, and one day longer than an 80-degree streak last summer.

21 - Unseasonably cool with a high/low of only 64°/59°, thirteen degrees below average.

26 - A torrential two-hour downpour during the morning rush hour paralyzed traffic and caused a system-wide shutdown of the subway.  While 1.53" of rain was measured in Central Park, other parts of the City were flooded by between 2.5 and 4 inches.

27 - Between Aug. 3 and 27, twelve days had morning lows of 68° or 69° degrees.



9 - For the fourth time since 1985 the last 70-degree low of the year was on this date (average date of this occurrence is Sept. 11).  Also, during the past four days the low temperatures were: 74°-73°-72°-71° (today).  The average low during these days is 63°.

10 - 0.77" of rain fell between 1:00 and 2:00 AM.  Total rainfall for the day, 1.38", was a record for the date (one of the lowest totals for a daily record, later broken in 2015).

16 - Tropical storm Floyd flooded the area with 5.02" of rain, forcing many businesses to close early and causing service on some subway lines to be suspended because of track flooding.  Today's rainfall, a record for the date, was an inch more than what fell for the entire summer.  More than half of it fell between 8 AM and 1 PM, but an additional 0.76" fell from a final band of heavy rain that moved through between 7-8 PM.   



7 - This morning's low of 39°, a record for the date, was the earliest reading in the chilly 30s in 25 years.



19 - Today was the 17th day in a row without rain.  November would end with 2.33" of rain, about half of the month's average precipitation. 

27 - Today was the eighth day in a row in which temperatures were 10 degrees or more milder than average.  The average high and low during these day, 63°/52°, was 12 degrees above typical late November temperatures.



13 - In the two weeks ending today, no two days had the same high temperature.

23 - Somewhat similar to this date last year, today was the twenty-first day in a row with above average temperatures.  Temperatures were seven degrees above the norm during this three-week span.

24 - Today's high of 30°, ten degrees colder than average, was the first high temperature of 32° or colder this winter.

25 - Today's high/low of 28°/19° made Christmas Day the coldest day of the month.


Chart - 1999 hottest and coldest


To read highlights from other years between 1970 and 2019 double click here. 






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