New York Weather Highlights of 2000
New York Weather Highlights of 2002

New York Weather Highlights of 2001



3 - Today was the 13th day in a row in which the high temperature failed to rise above freezing.  This was three days fewer than the all-time streak of sixteen days which occurred in Jan/Feb 1961. 

4 - Today's high of 34° was the "warmest" reading during the 16 days between Dec. 21 and Jan. 5.

6 - Today's high/low of 40°/30° made this the first day since Dec. 17 (twenty days) with above-average temperatures.

21 - A quick-moving snowstorm dumped six inches of snow this Sunday morning, a record for the date.  The snow was over by 8 AM.



5 - 3.5" of sloppy, wet snow fell.  The day's high/low was 36°/32°.

10 - The temperature plummeted from a record high of 61° to 27°.

12 - The morning low of 16° was the coldest reading of the winter.  Two days earlier the numbers were reversed when the high reached 61°.

22 - 5.5" of snow fell tonight between 5-11 PM, the fourth snowfall of four inches or more this winter.  It was a fluffy snow with just 0.31" of water content.  Today's high/low of 25°/17° tied Christmas Day as the coldest day of the winter (both had the same mean temperature of 21 degrees, but Christmas Day's high/low was 27°/15°).



6 - For the past few days a monster snowstorm (which The Weather Channel labeled "The March Lion") had been forecast with 12-18" predicted at one point.  However, it was a bust as only 3.5" fell (two inches yesterday, 1.5 inches today).  The storm developed further north than was expected, sparing the City and NJ.  Long Island's Suffolk County, however, was walloped with 10-15" of snow.  The earlier forecast created a panic and many schools and businesses in the City closed yesterday.

13 - 0.74" of rain fell between 1-3 AM.

26 - The 0.3" of snow that fell today was the last measurable snow of the season.  This winter's snowfall of 35 inches was the most in five winters.  Today's high of 37°/low of 27° was fourteen degrees colder than average. This was the ninth winter in which 3/26 was the date of the last measurable snow - the most of any date (none were more than an inch). 

30 - It was a nasty morning as wind and rain from a nor'easter lashed the area.  Moving in last night, 2.16" of rain fell today, a record for the date.  Central Park reported a wind gust of 49 mph.  It was also cold, with a high/low of only 43°/37°.



2 - The weather for today's Yankee home opener was very similar to last year's game as the high was a chilly 49° under mostly overcast skies.  This was the ninth day in a row with a high chillier than 50°.

9 - A passing cold front produced a 30-minute downpour in which 0.43" of rain fell between 6:45-7:15 PM.  Earlier in the afternoon the temperature topped out at 78°, the first 70-degree reading of the year and the warmest temperature since Oct. 3.  (The Mets played their home opener this afternoon, but at Shea Stadium temperatures were cooler, in the mid-60s.)  By contrast yesterday's high was just 45°.

22 - Today was the first of 26 days in a row with no measurable rain in Central Park, the second longest stretch of rain-free days in the 1980-2015 period.  The longest dry streak in this period was 35 days set two years earlier.

24 - After soaring to 87° in the early afternoon (the warmest reading of the month) a cold front moved through and by midnight the temperature had fallen to 52°.  The colder air was made even chiller by wind gusts of between 30-40 mph.  This was the third day in a row with 80-degree temperatures and today's high was the warmest in more than eight months (since Aug. 9).



1 - Today's high of 87° was a record for the date, and the first of four consecutive record highs.  The next three days would have highs of 90°, 90° and 92°, respectively. 

2 - Today's record high of 90° was the first 90-degree day since Aug. 9.  It was also the earliest date of the first 90 in ten years.  (The first 90-degree reading typically occurs at the end of May.)

4 - This was the third day in a row of 90-degree heat and the fourth day in a row with a record high temperature.  This somewhat mirrored an early hot spell last year in early May (5/5-9).

7 - The morning low of 43° came three days after a high of 92°.

12 - The first twelve days of May were twelve degrees warmer than average with no rain, but the rest of the month would experience temperatures four degrees below average with two inches of rain.  

16 - This was the 25th day in a row without precipitation, making it the second longest rain-free streak in the 1980-2015 period, passing two streaks of 24 days in Jan/Feb 1980 and August 1995. 

18 - A pre-dawn shower that delivered just 0.07" of rain ended an extended dry spell of twenty-six days.  (Only a 35-day drought that occurred two years earlier in May/June 1999 was longer.)  Then between May 21-29 rain fell on eight of the nine days, amounting to nearly two inches. 

26 - This was the seventh day in a row in which the high temperature failed to reach 70°.  Average high during this week was just 61°, thirteen degrees cooler than average - quite a contrast from the first four days of the month which had an average high of 90°!

27 - Although just 0.08" of rain fell it was the first rain on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend in eleven years.

29 - Including today's 0.18" of rain nearly all of the month's 2.03" of rain fell in the past nine days.



17 - A lot of rain fell overnight and throughout the morning, totaling 1.53".  This was a record amount for the date (broken ten years later).  And despite this being the rainiest Father's Day of the 1970-2019 period, skies cleared rapidly in the afternoon, salvaging the holiday. 



2 - The morning low was a refreshing 56°, twelve below average, and tying the record set way back in 1888.  It wouldn't be until mid-September that a cooler temperature would be reported (53° on 9/14).

17 - 0.50" of rain fell between 5-6 PM.  This was the biggest rainstorm of the month.

25 - Today's high was 94° after a low of 77°, making it the hottest day of the month.  This was just the fifth (and last) day with above average temperatures this month. 



7 - It was a blistering hot day as the temperature soared to 99°.  This happened to be the day the ad agency I worked for held a summer picnic in Central Park.  Most of us spent lots of time in the shade. 

8 - Today was the second day in a row with a high of 99° , a record for the date.

9 - Today's high temperature of 103° was the hottest reading in NYC since 1977 and the first triple-digit reading in August since 1955.  Only Aug. 7, 1918 had a higher reading (104°). 

10 - Today's high of 97° was a "cool-down" from yesterday's searing reading.  It was also the last 90-degree reading of the summer, coming about three weeks earlier than normal; the 15 days of high temperatures in the 90s/100s were three fewer than average.



10 - It was a warm and sticky day, but then a passing cold front produced thunderstorms in the late afternoon and evening.  The evening thunderstorm dumped 0.57" of rain between 7:15-7:45 PM.  Skies cleared afterward, making for optimal flying conditions the next day throughout the Northeast.

11 - Today dawned with bright blue skies, providing a surreal backdrop when terrorists crashed two hijacked planes into the twin towers of the World Trade Center during the morning.  Winds out of the west/northwest kept much of the billowing smoke from the collapsed towers from blowing north over Manhattan.

14 - Three days after the 9-11 attacks 1.90" of rain fell during the morning, hampering rescue and recovery operations down at Ground Zero.  Later that day President Bush visited the site. 

30 - Today had a chilly high/low of 55°/50°.  The afternoon high was 15 degrees cooler than average.  This was the last time a day in September had a high in the 50s (until 2016).



6 - The 0.12" of rain that fell this morning, mostly between 9-10:00, was the last time measurable rain fell on this date until 2019.  This was just one of five days with rain this month, which ended up as the fifth driest October on record (with 0.01" less rain than October 2000).



2 - This was the 17th day in a row with no rain.  (Just 0.66" fell in October.)  

4 - The only reason to mention the 0.01" of rain that fell tonight between 11:00 and midnight is because it was the first rain on this date in 15 years.

25 - Half of the month's paltry rainfall fell in two hours this evening (6-8 PM) when 0.72" was measured. 



1 - After experiencing the mildest November on record (later tied in 2015), December began with temperatures that were 19 degrees warmer than average.  After a mild morning low of 52° today's high reached a balmy 69° (closer to what's typical for early October).

5 - Today's high was an unseasonably mild 70°, a record for the date, and twenty-three degrees above average.

6 - Today's high was 71° (twenty-five degrees above average), one degree warmer than yesterday, and another record.

16 - This morning had the first low of 32° or colder this season - the second latest date on record for this occurrence.  (The latest date for the first freeze occurred three years earlier, on Dec. 22.)

17 - This was the 18th day in a row in which no low temperature was duplicated.  During these days (beginning on Nov. 30) they ranged between 32° and 58° - all above average.

25 - Today's 0.51" of rain was the last precipitation of the year, the driest year since 1970.  The year's precipitation totaled 35.56", 14 inches below average.  The past three months had just 4.26" of rain, one-third the normal amount. 

27 - This was the first day of this very mild month with colder than average temperatures (high of 34°/low of 26°) - and it was the first cold day in five weeks (since Nov. 21). 

30 - Today was the first day this winter with a high temperature of 32° or colder.  There would be just two other such days for the rest of the winter (the average number is 17).  

31 - Whereas 1989's bitter cold December ended on a mild note, this December, the mildest on record, ended quite cold (high/low of 31°/20°).  It would also be the coldest day of the mild winter of 2001-02.  Five of the past six New Year's Eves had temperatures well below average (the exception being 1999's 43°/34°).


Chart - 2001 hottest and coldest


To read highlights from other years between 1970 and 2019 double click here. 






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for the second time in a row, back to back Octobers had nearly equal rainfall. 2001 & 2000 - 0.66" & 0.67" respectively. 1999 & 1998 - 2.73" & 2.76" respectively.


I am not a American, but I do remember seeing the September attacks on the Television. It wasn't that cold in the Netherlands that year if I remember correctly, but I was wondering how the weather was in NYC at the time. This site is about the only source I could find with some information.

Really terrible that the rainfall came couple of days later. Makes it more sad.

It's good that this information stays alive for later generations!


The weather belied the day's events as skies were clear, temperatures seasonably warm (high/low of 81/63, and the humidity was low. When people talk about the events of 9/11, many comment on the beautiful weather. And to this day anytime we have nice conditions like this, I feel a bit of anxiety because it reminds me of 9/11.

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