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14 - 1.17" of rain fell today, one year after 1.04" fell on the same date.  And in both years the temperature dropped like a rock after passage of a cold front.  The mercury dropped from 57° to 31° today while last year it plummeted from 66° to 34°.

31 - Only three degrees separated today's low and high temperature (42°/39°).



Nyc_bigsnowstorm_feb200611-12 - New York was the bulls-eye for a record-setting amount of snow over the weekend.  Beginning the night of the 11th with light snow (2.8" fell by midnight), it turned heavier after midnight and between 4-10AM Sunday morning the snow was falling at a rate of two inches/hour (between 8:25-9:25 nearly four inches piled up).  When it was over 26.9" had fallen, 1.1" more than the City's previous record on Dec. 26-27, 1947.  Snowfall totals outside of NYC were also impressive but not nearly as much as what Central Park picked up.  This storm accounted for two-thirds of the winter's total snowfall.  Only 1.3" of snow fell for the rest of the winter.  (This storm dropped to second biggest snowstorm ten years later when 27.5" fell on Jan. 23, 2016.)

18 - Although today turned sharply colder, temperatures in the upper 50s the previous three days completely melted away the record-setting twenty-seven inches of snow that fell less than a week ago.   

19 - Today was the second coldest day of a mild winter as the high reached 30° after a low of 15°.  (The coldest day of the winter was back in mid-December).



2 - After today's 0.52" of precipitation (including 1.3" of snow) the rest of the month would receive only 0.28" more, making this the driest March on record. 

10 - Today's high of 74° was a record for the date, a jump of twenty-seven degrees from the morning low.  It would be the mildest reading of the month.

26 - A light shower during mid-afternoon measured 0.02" and was the last precipitation of the month, which ended up being the driest March on record.  Its total of 0.80" was 0.10" less than the previous record from 1885.



5 - The 0.1" of snow that fell today brought the season's total to exactly 40 inches, making this the unprecedented fourth winter in a row with snowfall of 40 inches or more.  

11 - With a temperature of 68° at game time, this was the mildest Yankee home opener in eleven years.

20 - Today's high of 83° was the warmest reading of the month (and came five days after the year's first 80-degree reading), but what was even more notable was the afternoon's bone dry humidity, which fell to 10% at 4 PM.  Air this dry in New York is rare.  However, ten years later on this date the humidity dropped to 9%.  (Typical late afternoon humidity in April is around 45%.)   

22 - My summer share at Fire Island was supposed to begin this weekend but I didn't go out because a whole lot of rain fell over the course of two days, 1.23" today (a Friday) and 2.34" tomorrow.  This was the most rain from one storm in six months.  It was also very chilly as the high only reached 47°, sixteen degrees below average.  This was the second year in a row in which opening weekend was a washout.



12 - 1.53" of rain fell between midnight and 6 AM.  It came down especially hard between 1-3:00 when 0.95" poured down.  

27-29 - Summer-like conditions prevailed throughout the Memorial Day weekend with afternoon highs of 83°-83°-88°, eleven degrees above average.  This was the first time in six years that the temperature on Memorial Day was in the 80s.



1 - 0.99" of rain fell during an evening thunderstorm, with 0.73" of it falling between 7-8 PM.  Before the storms developed it was a warm & humid day with a high of 86°/low of 64°, nine degrees above average.

2 - A severe thunderstorm struck shortly after lunchtime on Friday and dumped 1.73" in an hour (2:35-3:35 PM).  During this hour 0.54" fell in five minutes and 1.02" in ten minutes.  Total rainfall for the day was 2.79", a record for the date.   

3 - Between 6 PM on June 1 and 2 PM today, 4.52" of rain fell. 

8 - A cool (high of 66°) and damp day.  The 0.13" of rain that fell from showers between 10 AM-2 PM was the first rain on this date since 1995 (when just 0.01" fell).  

18 - Today was Father's Day and the high of 91° was the first 90-degree reading of the year.

22 - Although it was a very wet month, with 8.55" measured, the thirteen days between June 10 and today had no rain.  (6.15" fell between June 1-9 and 2.50" from June 23-30.)



5 - 1.05" of rain fell this morning with 0.66" of it pouring down between 8-9 AM.

12 - Two periods of heavy rain fell in the PM hours.  The first occurred between 3-5 PM when 0.74" fell; then four hours later an additional 0.73" fell between 9-11 PM. 

17 - Today's high was 95° after a low of 77°.  The mean temp of 86° was the warmest of the month.

18 - A hot and humid afternoon (high of 95°) was followed tonight by a severe thunderstorm between 9-10 PM that dumped 0.69" of rain.  These storms maintained their strength as they moved eastward and lashed Fire Island where high winds snapped the flagpole in the harbor of Fire Island Pines.  Deck furniture, table umbrellas and even a few grills were blown into swimming pools there.  

21 - 1.95" of rain fell, mostly during two storms.  One from 8-9 AM dumped 0.84"; the other struck between 3-4 PM and 0.70" was measured.  During the morning deluge 0.69" fell in a 10-minute period.

26 - Today was the 13th day this month with a seasonable mean temperature (average of high/low).  This tied July 1985 for the second most such days in a month (in the 1970-2019 period).

30 - This was the third day in a row with a high of 89°.



1 - Today's high was 95° after a low of 79°.

2 - A high of 97°/low of 83° made this the hottest day of the summer.  It was 14 degrees above average.  Like yesterday the heat index in the afternoon peaked at 106°. The morning low was the warmest ever in August.

3 - The high today was 96° after a low of 78°.  This was the fourth day in a row of 90-degree weather and it turned out to be the last 90-degree reading of the summer - one of the earliest dates for the last 90 of any New York summer (about four weeks ahead of schedule).  In total, eight days were in the 90s this summer, ten below the typical number.  (Seven of them occurred after 7/15).

8 - This was the fifteenth day in a row in which the morning low was in the 70s.  The average low during these days was 75°, six degrees above average.  The warmest low during this period was 83° on Aug. 2.  This was the longest such streak in eleven years.

10 - Between 6:11-7:11 PM 2.46" of rain poured down during a severe thunderstorm, the greatest amount to fall in an hour in all the years I've lived in New York (since 1979), topping the 2.09" that fell in an hour on July 17, 1995.  In addition to the torrential rain, winds gusted near 40 mph during the storm.

24 - 0.75" of rain fell today, all of it pouring down between 5-6 PM.  This was also the first of seven days in a row with measurable rain.

30 - Rain fell for the seventh day in a row.  During this streak 3.32" fell; the high during these seven days was 74°, eight degrees cooler than average.



2 - Labor Day weekend started off cool and wet as tropical storm Ernesto moved through, dropping 1.24" of rain; the day's high was just 66°, thirteen degrees below average.  Sunday and Monday, however, were very nice, but a bit cooler than average (mid-70s). 

24 - Today's morning low of 67° degrees was the mildest low temperature of the month (it also occurred on 9/9 and 9/19).  This was the coolest "maximum" low temperature for any September since 1967 (when it was also 67°).  



4 - After a very mild day (high 78°/low 64­) a cold front passed through after dark and generated a thunderstorm that drenched the City with 0.41" of rain between 11 PM-midnight.

28 - A nor'easter that moved in last night dumped 2.54" by the time it exited around 2:00 this afternoon.  Shortly before the last raindrops fell a final rain band dumped 0.33" in a five-minute period between 1:32-1:37 PM.



8 - It was a day of heavy rain, with nearly half of it falling between 10 AM-2 PM.  The 3.60" that fell was the greatest 24-hour rainfall of the year and the heaviest one-day rainfall in November since 1977 when November's all-time 24-hour record of 7.40" was set.  By coincidence it occurred on Nov. 8 as well.

23 - An all-day rain totaling 1.72" made this the wettest Thanksgiving on record, easily topping the previous record from 1939 and 1985.  

30 - It was somewhat ironic that the last day of November was the mildest day of the month (oddly, tied with 11/1)  as today's high of 69°/low of 58° was more typical for early October - and 21 degrees above average.  



1 -Today's springlike high of 70° (twenty-two degrees warmer than average) broke 2001's previous record by one degree.  It was also one degree warmer than Nov. 1, two degrees warmer than Oct. 1 and three degrees warmer than Sept. 1.

8 - During one of the mildest Decembers on record (6.3 degrees above average, today was an anomaly as it was 15 degrees colder than average, with a high of 29°/low of 18°.  This was the earliest date for a low below 20° since the brutally cold December of 1989. 

9 - This morning's low was 24°, making this the sixth consecutive day with a below-freezing low temperature - and it would be the last such low temperature this month.  As a result, this December tied that of 1984 for the fewest number of days in December with minimum temperatures of freezing or colder.  (However, this record would be shattered nine years later when December had no days with lows colder than 32°.)  The next low below 32° wouldn't occur until Jan. 9. 

31 - The year ended with twenty-one days in a row of above normal temperatures, averaging 12 degrees milder than is typical.  During these days there was no temperature of freezing or colder reported.  Additionally, this was just the second December to have neither measurable snow or a trace of it.


Chart - 2006 hottest and coldest

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I remember the rainy day on June 2 very well. I was wrapping up my third grade year and one of the shows I used to watch on t.v. was airing a new episode, and in both places (the episode of the show and in real life), the rain was really pouring down in buckets. So every time I watch this particular episode of the show, and when the people in the show mention the heavy rain, I'll always remember this day for two reasons, when the episode of the show first aired and what the weather was like in real life and in the episode.


Do you remember what the show was?


a Disney Channel show called The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and the name of the episode was called The Suite Smell of Excess. however, the series ended in September of 2008. since then, a spinoff of the show premiered, but the show's spinoff series ended in May of 2011.

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