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Looking Back at New York City Weather: April 28


1921 (Thursday)

With a high of 72°, this was the 13th day this month with a high of 70° or warmer, the most of any April on record (April 1941 and April 1977 had 12 such days).  This would be New York's warmest April until 1941 (now ranked sixth).




1938 (Thursday)

Today's high of 89° came eight days after a high of 85°, which came five days after a high of 84° (average highs in the second half of April are in the 60°-65° range).  At the time, the highs on 4/28 and 4/15 were records, which have since been broken. 

1939 (Friday)

Three days after the high reached 86°, afternoon temperatures today were cut in half, and twenty degrees below average.  Skies were overcast and winds were out of the northeast.

1956 (Saturday)

Today's high of 84° was the first time in six months that the temperature rose above 70°.  This is also the latest date for a year's first reading of 70°+ in the second half of the century.  And it came just two days after the high was just 47°.

Past due 


1966 (Thursday)

It was a dreary, raw, and damp day, with light rain in the morning.  With a high/low of only 42°/39°, today had the coldest mean temperature of the month; the high was 23 degrees below average.  Also, this was the eighth day of the past nine to have rain.  1.71" fell during these days, with the most falling today (0.53"). 

1980 (Monday)

2.74" of rain poured down, a record for the date.  It came down especially hard between 11 AM-4 PM.  It was  chilly as well, with just two degrees separating the day's high and low (47°/45°).




1990 (Saturday)

This was the second day in a row of 90-degree weather, but unlike the previous day's low of 51°, today's was 69°.  The next 90-degree day wouldn't be until July 4. 

1995 (Friday)

Partly cloudy and mild, with temperatures in the low 70s, a perfect day for the Mets home opener, a game in which they slowly wore down the Cardinals and overtook them late in the game to win.




2003 (Monday)

After today's high of 80° (the third high in the 80s this month), it would be six weeks before the next reading in the 80s occurred.   

2009 (Tuesday)

During a four-day stretch of hot weather (4/25-28), high temperatures averaged 24 degrees above normal.  Highs during these four days: 88°-92°-84°-90° (today).

2010 (Wednesday)

This morning's low of 40° was the chilliest reading of the month, and the first time in more than 50 years that the coldest reading in April wasn't in the 20s or 30s.  (This was the mildest April on record.)




2012 (Saturday)

The morning low of 38° was far from the record of 31°, but it was the chilliest reading so late in April since 2000, when the low fell to 37° on 4/27.

2016 (Thursday)

Three months after a blizzard stopped the City with 26.8" of snow (0.1" shy of the all-time record), the National Weather Service announced that it had revised the total upward to 27.5", making this New York's biggest snowstorm on record.




2021 (Wednesday)

In a span of ten hours the mercury shot from 52° (at 4 AM) to 85° (2 PM), the warmest reading since Sept. 5 (when the high also reached 85°).  Yesterday's high, by contrast, was slightly below average, at 64°.  Today's diurnal variation of 33 degrees was the greatest since Jan. 13, 2018, when it was 39 degrees (high/low of 58°/19°).  This was the year's second reading in the 80s, following by five weeks the first occurrence (82° on 3/26 ). 

2022 (Thursday)

For the second time this spring humidity in the middle of the afternoon dropped to 11% (the other day was 3/22; and 4/15 had humidity fall to 13%).  The day also featured clear skies, gusty winds (25-35 mph), and temperatures that were ten degrees below average (high/low of 58°/40°).  Tomorrow would see the humidity drop to 9%. 











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Benny R.

April 28th, 2019 was the sixteenth day this month with measurable precipitation, tying 1874, 1934 and 1957 for the most days of precipitation in April.

Jeffrey Hirschman

Question we will not get a 70 degree reading this April when was the last year we did not have 70 degree reading in April. Thanks for letting me know!


The last time this happened was in 1940 (and before that there were a handful in the 1870s and 1880s) However, this year is different in that it had three days in the 70s in March while 1940's first 70 was in April (on 4/30).


also in 2021, by comparison, 2020’s first 85° day didn’t happen until early June (June sixth to be exact), and since 2000, only 2005 and 2013 have also had a hiatus of five or more weeks that separated a year’s first 80° day and second 80° day.


You can add 2008 to 2005 and 20013, as its first 80 was on 4/18, and the second fell on 5/26. And going back to 1869, 2021's gap between first and second 80s is 13th widest (all have occurred since 1917).


Here’s a video news story that shows the 2016 snow storm was revised upward.


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