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Today in New York Weather History: April 29



1928 (Sunday)

Low temperatures ranged from 38° to 40° for the past nine days (the average low in late April is in the mid-40s).  Besides chilly mornings, this period was also rainy, with slightly more than four inches of rain measured.

1974 (Monday)

The day after the year's first reading in the 80s (the high was 80°), today's high of 89° was a record for the date (a record that still stands) - 23 degrees above average.




2009 (Wednesday)

The day after the high reached 90°, today's temperature fell steadily throughout the day and was in the 50s during the afternoon.  

2017 (Saturday)

For the second day in a row the high reached 85°.  And although 4/16 had the warmest reading of the month (87°), today had the warmest mean temperature as the low of 64° was five degrees warmer than 4/16's.

2023 (Saturday)

For the first time (going back to 1869) more than an inch of rain fell on this date.  Today's all-day rainfall of 2.46" broke the previous record of 0.91" in 1909.  (This leaves  Sept. 9 as the only date not to have a rainfall of an inch or more.)  In total 2.79" fell from this low pressure system (0.33" fell last night), making this the biggest rainmaker since Oct. 25-27, 2021 when 3.69" fell.  Prior to today the previous ten years that had rain on 4/29 all reported amounts less than 0.10".  Besides the rain it was also chilly as the high was only 53°, fourteen degrees below average.











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2019 - for the fifth time this month, 0.01" of precipitation fell. this set a new April record and bested a three way tie of four such days in 1885, 1901 and 1980. since 1920, only January 2007 (which had six) has had five or more such days.


Fun fact: april 29, 1974's record high of 89 came exactly 100 years after a record low of 32 on april 29, 1874

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