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The Mets are the neglected stepchild of New York baseball.  They've won just two World Series titles while the mighty Yankees have twenty-seven rings.  However, the Mets own bragging rights when it comes to having better weather conditions on the day of their home openers.  Since 1970 the average high temperature on the Mets big day has been in the low 60s, four degrees warmer than the Yankees' home openers.  Temperatures have ranged from 40° to near 90° (the range for the Yankees has been 37° to 75°).  Based on a scale of 1-10 (where 1 is a strikeout and 10 is a grand slam), Mets home openers have averaged a 6.0 versus the Yankees' 5.2.  They've had eleven games rated 9 or 10, and eight in the 1 or 2 range.   

What follows is a recap of weather highlights for home openers of the Mets.  So, let's play ball!


1962 (April 13) - After four years without a National League baseball team to call its own, New York's Mets played their first home opener in unseasonably cold conditions, with wind-blown drizzle and a cold high/low of 43°/38° (the high was 16 degrees below average).  There were showers before daybreak, and again late in the afternoon, amounting to 0.13".  As for the game, the Mets lost to the Pittsburgh Pirates, 4-3.  Weather Rating: 1




1963 (April 9) - Although this year's weather was an improvement over last year, with no rain and seasonable temperatures (low-50s), a stiff breeze out of the northeast put a chill in the air.  Like last year, the Mets lost, shut out by St. Louis, 7-0.  Rating: 5


1964 (April 17) - It was a beautiful day as afternoon temperatures were in the mid-60s under mostly sunny skies (the mercury rose into the mid-80s the next day).  However, the Mets, once again, were on the losing end as Pittsburgh broke a tie in the top of the 9th. Rating: 8


1965 (April 12) - After morning showers, the afternoon was partly cloudy and unseasonably warm as the temperature rose into the low-70s late in the game, the first reading in the 70s this year.  Unfortunately, the weather was the only thing to cheer about as the Dodgers won the game, 6-1.  Rating: 9 


1966 (April 15) - Under partly cloudy skies, temperatures were seasonable (around 60°).  The Mets had the lead going into the 9th inning, but then the Braves came from behind to win the game, 3-2. Rating: 7 


1967 (April 11) - Despite sunny skies, it was windy and chilly, with afternoon temperatures only in the mid-40s.  And like the home opener three years ago, the Pirates broke a 3-3 tie in the ninth to win the game. Rating: 4


1968 (April 17) - Not only were conditions optimal, with temperatures in the mid-60s and clear skies, but the Mets finally won a home opener as Jerry Koosman shut out the Giants, 3-0.  Rating: 8




1969 (April 8) - Temperatures were in the pleasant mid-sixties, and skies were a mix of sun and clouds.  Tom Seaver had a weak outing as the Expos beat the Mets 11-10, but the Mets made it exciting by scoring four runs in the bottom of the 9th.  Rating: 7   


1970 (April 14) - The game was played in wind-blown drizzle, and temperatures were in the 40s as the Pirates beat the World Series champs, tying the game in the ninth, and then winning it in the tenth inning.  Rating: 1


1971 (April 6) - This year's home opener was played in probably the worst weather conditions of any Mets home opener as rain and snow moved in shortly after the game began, and winds gusting between 25-35 mph made the 40° air temperature feel like the upper 20s.  The game, which the Mets won over the Expos, was called after five innings.  Rating: 1





1972 (April 15) - Although conditions weren't as miserable as last year's opener, the game was played through sprinkles, and temperatures only in the chilly mid-40s.  The Mets rewarded those fans who turned out by shutting out the reigning World Series champs, the Pirates, 4-0.  Rating: 2


1973 (April 6) - Partly cloudy, with pleasant with temperatures in the low 60s.  And for the second year in a row Tom Seaver and reliever Tug McGraw delivered a shutout against Pittsburgh, winning 3-0.  Cleon Jones hit two home runs.  Rating:  7




1974 (April 10) - The Mets played in equally raw conditions as the Yankees did four days earlier.  The day started with some light snow that amounted to 0.3".  Although the snow was over long before the game's first pitch , crowds had to contend with gusty winds that made the already cold game-time temperature of 41° feel like it was in the upper 20s.  As for the game, the Mets took a 2-0 lead in the first inning and held on behind Jerry Koosman for a 3-2 victory over St. Louis.  Rating: 2


1975 (April 8) - Today, with a chilly high/low of 47°/31°, was the fifth day in a row with a mean temperature 10+ degrees below average; skies were mostly sunny.  The game pitted two of Baseball's aces, Steve Carlton of the Phillies and Tom Seaver, and the match-up didn't disappoint as both pitched complete games, with Seaver picking up the victory when the Mets scored in the bottom of the 9th for a 2-1 win.  Rating: 5 


1976 (April 9) - The game was played under clear skies, but temperatures were in the chilly md-40s.  Starting his sixth Home Opener, Tom Seaver pitched the Mets to a 3-2 W over the Expos.  Rating: 6


1977 (April 12) - After a morning low of 50°, the temperature skyrocketed to 90°, the earliest date on record for a 90-degree temperature (since passed by April 8, 1991 and April 7, 2010).  This was just three days after the low temperature was 25°.   As for the game, Tom Seaver pitched a complete game shutout over the Cardinals, 4-0.  Rating: 10




1978 (April 7)A warm front moved through just as the game was beginning, and over the course of nine innings the temperature rose from 47° to 63° (but skies were on the overcast side).  Behind a complete game by Jerry Koosman, the Mets beat the Expos, 3-1.  Only 11,736 attended the game.  Rating: 5


1979 (April 10) - A game-time temperature in the mid-50s was seasonable for the first week of April.  In front of a paltry crowd that was even smaller than last year's, the Mets lost in 11 innings to the Montreal Expos, breaking their 8-game home opening win streak.  Rating: 5    


1980 (April 10) - The day after 3.42" of rain fell, today was dry and warm, with afternoon temperatures in the low 70s, thirteen degrees above average.  The Mets beat the Cubs 5-2 on the strength of a 4-run 6th inning.  Rating: 9


1981 (April 15) - Like last year, the Mets lucked out as the game was played one day after a significant rainfall (0.87").  And although it was a chilly day with temperatures in the low 50s, there was plentiful sunshine.  As for the game, the Mets scored four runs in the 2nd inning and held on to beat St. Louis 5-3.  Rating: 6




1982 (April 13) - Despite sprinkles throughout the game, nearly 41,000 were in attendance, the largest home opening crowd in twelve years.  Dave Kingman hit a 3-run HR to power the Mets over Philadelphia 5-2.  (The Yankees home opener one week earlier was postponed because of a blizzard that dumped nearly ten inches of snow.)  Rating: 4


1983 (April 5) - Temperatures were in the low 60s, slightly above average, as Mets icon Tom Seaver returned to the mound for the Mets for the first time in six years.  46,000 fans (the biggest home opener crowd since 1968) came out to see him pitch his eighth home opener.  The Mets won 2-0, and Seaver pitched six scoreless innings (but didn't get the win).  Rating: 7




1984 (April 17) - After three damp and chilly days, today was sunny and pleasant, with a high of 66°, six degrees above average.  Unfortunately, the sunshine didn't inspire the Mets as they were walloped by Montreal 10-0, the most one-sided home opener loss in Mets history (until 2003).  Rating: 7 


1985 (April 9) - Breezy, which made the already chilly 47° temperature (eleven degrees below average) feel even colder.  This wasn't the best weather for an extra-inning game, but at least it went into the W column for the Mets as newly acquired catcher Gary Carter (RIP) hit a walk-off home run in the 10th inning to beat St. Louis.  Rating:  2




1986 (April 14) - After a chilly morning low of 41°, the temperature rebounded nicely under sunny skies to 67°, seven degrees above average.  However, it was a long and trying day for the Mets who, after tying the score in the 9th inning, ended up losing in 14 innings to St. Louis by a score of 6-2.  Rating: 8 


1987 (April 7) - This was the fifth day in a row with rain, but the last drops were over by 10 AM, and afternoon temperatures were seasonably pleasant (upper 50s).  The three inches of rain that fell during these days left the field somewhat soggy.  After receiving their World Series rings, the reigning champs beat Pittsburgh 3-2, scoring all of their runs in the first inning on a 3-run HR by Darryl StrawberryRating: 6




1988 (April 12) - Mostly cloudy and chilly, with a high of 56°.  Ron Darling pitched a complete-game shutout over Montreal, 3-0.  Rating: 4


1989 (April 3) - Morning showers were over by 12:00 noon, but gray skies and fog persisted into the afternoon.  Temperatures were seasonable.  And although he didn't pitch a great game, Dwight Gooden lasted 7 innings as the Mets beat St. Louis 8-4.  Rating: 4


1990 (April 9) - Lots of sunshine, with pleasant temperatures in the low 60s.  Despite Dwight Gooden being on the mound, the Pirates crushed the Mets 12-3.  Rating: 7


1991 (April 8) - The temperature soared to a record breaking 90°, New York's earliest 90-degree reading (later broken in 2010 on April 7).  And with Dwight Gooden on the mound the Mets defeated the Phillies 2-1.  Rating: 10 




1992 (April 10) - This year's opener was twenty degrees cooler than last season's record heat, but today's high of 71° thru hazy sunshine was still twelve degrees above average.  This was also the first day in the 70s this year.  On the ball field, the Mets were blanked by the Expos 4-0, the first time they were shut out in their home opener in eight seasons (and it was the Expos who shut them out that time as well).  Rating: 9


1993 (April 5) - After a chilly start (35°), the temperature rose into the upper 50s under fair skies.  Starting his fifth home opener in a row, Dwight Gooden pitched a shutout against the Colorado Rockies, their first game as a Major League team.  Rating: 6




1994 (April 11) - The temperature rebounded from a morning low of 42°, topping out at 68° under clear skies (later in the afternoon clouds moved in).  The Mets fell behind early (8-1 in the 3rd inning) and lost to the Cubs 9-5.  Rating: 8  


1995 (April 28) - Partly cloudy and mild, with temperatures in the low 70s.  The Mets slowly wore down the Cardinals and overtook them late in the game to win by a score of 10-8.  This was the latest date for a Mets home opener (until 2020), a result of the players strike, which started in August 1994 and wasn't settled until April 2.  Rating: 9     


1996 (April 1) - Light rain fell all day and temperatures were only in the low 50s.  Heavy rain moved in after the game was over.  After falling behind 6-0 the Mets rallied and beat St. Louis 7-6.  Rating: 2




1997 (April 13) - Partly cloudy and mild (67°).  The Mets fell behind early and never mounted a challenge, losing to the Giants 5-1.  Rating: 8  


1998 (March 31) - The earliest home opener in Mets history was played in 86-degree weather, twenty-nine degrees warmer than average (and the fifth day in a row with highs in the 80s).  And the icing on the cake was the Mets 1-0 victory over Philadelphia in 14 innings.  Rating: 10




1999 (April 12) - Morning showers ended by 9:00 and the sun was shining by lunchtime.  Temperatures in the mid-50s felt colder because of gusty winds.  This was quite a cool-down from last year's mid-80s.  The Mets won the game easily by a score of 8-1, the widest winning margin of any Mets home opener.  Rating: 3


2000 (April 3) - The Mets official home opener was played in Tokyo on March 29, where they played the Cubs.  The first game of the season at Shea was played five days later and skies were mostly overcast, but conditions were mild (high of 64°) and on the humid side.  The Mets won their game against San Diego 2-1 on a tie-breaking solo HR by Derek Bell in the eighth inning.  Rating: 6


2001 (April 9) - A warm front moved north of the City late in the morning and the accompanying balmy breezes pushed the temperature up to 78° in Central Park, twenty degrees above average.  As for the game, Mike Piazza hit two home runs to help the Mets beat arch-nemesis Atlanta 9-5.  Rating: 10  




2002 (April 1) - Sunny and pleasant, with a game-time temperature of 60°, a few degrees above average.  The Mets played the Pirates for the first time in twelve years on Opening Day and beat them easily, 6-2, behind Al LeiterRating: 7


2003 (March 31) - Five years earlier the Mets were wildly lucky when their home opener on March 31 was played in record warmth (86°).  They weren't so lucky this year.  Although the game was played under clear skies, the temperature hovered around 40° and a biting wind created a "feels like" temperature of 30°.  No surprise, this was the coldest Opening Day in the 1970-2021 period.  To make it even worse, the Mets were destroyed by the Cubs by a score of 15-2.  Rating: 3




2004 (April 12) - Not a great day for the game as rain moved in after 3 PM and continued for the rest of the day (0.55" was measured).  Temperatures were in the low 50s.  However, the Mets scored early and after taking a 10-0 lead after 5 innings, held off the Braves 10-6.  Rating: 2


2005 (April 11) - Although the game was played under clear skies, the temperature was nearly twenty degrees chillier than yesterday's low 70s.  However, the Mets got hot in the 8th inning, scoring five runs to come from behind to beat Houston 8-4.  Rating: 6


2006 (April 3) - After a week of fine weather, the Mets completed today's game just as rain from a coastal storm began at around 6 PM.  They beat Washington 3-2.  Rating: 5


2007 (April 9) - A sunny but chilly day with a high of 49°, nine degrees below average.  Before a record crowd, the Mets scored seven runs in the bottom of the 8th inning to come from behind and beat arch-rival Philadelphia, 11-5, improving their home opener record against them to 7-0.  The 11 runs were the most scored by the Mets in a home opener.  Rating: 4


2008 (April 8) - Sunny skies, with temperatures in the seasonable upper 50s.  This was the eighth time the Mets hosted the Phillies for their home opener, and for the first time Philadelphia beat them, rubbing salt in the wound after last September's epic collapse to them.  Rating: 7


2009 (April 13) - This was the Mets' first Opening Day that took place at night, and to be played at Citifield. After a very chilly start (34°, the coldest reading of the month), the afternoon temperature rose to 57°, a few degrees below average.  Then temperature dropped into the low 50s by game time.  Unfortunately, the Mets lost the game to San Diego.  Rating: 5   




2010 (April 5) - It was a fine spring day as the temperature rose into the mid-70s, eighteen degrees above average, making it the warmest home opener in nine years.  The Mets easily put away the Marlins, 7-1, behind Johan SantanaRating: 10




2011 (April 8) - Gray and raw conditions prevailed, with afternoon temperatures well below average (high of 49°).  Mirroring these dreary conditions, the Mets fell to Washington, 6-2.  Rating: 3   




2012 (April 5) - Skies were sunny and temperatures in the seasonably pleasant upper 50s as the Mets beat Atlanta 1-0.  The last time they won a home opener by this score was in 1998.  Rating: 7


2013 (April 1) - It was fortuitous scheduling as the game time temperature of 62° was, at the time, the mildest reading of the year.  And the day was even better as the Mets won their game over San Diego, 11-3.  Later in the day the mild weather came to an end when a cold front moved through.  Rating: 8


2014 (March 31) - After early morning showers, the rest of the day was overcast with temperatures at game-time in the seasonable low 50s.  As for the game, the Mets led through six innings, but the Nationals caught up and then won the game in the 10th inning, scoring four runs; the final score was 9-7.  Rating: 4


2015 (April 13) - It was a beauty of a day as the temperature rose into the upper 60s under clear skies.  And to top it off, the Mets shut out Philadelphia, 2-0 (they beat the Phils by the same score on Opening Day 1983).  Rating: 10


2016 (April 8) - Mostly cloudy and chilly with game-time temperatures in the mid-40s.  This was a far cry from the upper 70s in Kansas City on 4/3, where the Mets opened their season, but it was better than what the Yankees encountered for their home opener on 4/4 (a rainout).  And the Mets beat Philadelphia, 7-2.  Rating: 4 


2017 (April 3) - Temperatures were nearly 20 degrees milder than last season's opener, and skies were brighter (but clouds increased later in the game).  This was the second day in a row with a high in the low 60s, the first time since March 1 and 2 with back-to-back highs of 60° or warmer.  And best of all, the Mets shut out the Braves 6-0, in a game that went scoreless until the bottom of the 7th inning.  Rating: 8


Syndegaard 2017 opening day


2018 (March 28) - It was a gray, foggy day, with a game-time temperature of 50° on the earliest Opening Day in Mets history.  Light showers late in the morning ended shortly before the game began.  With a high/low of 53°/49°, this was the first day with an above average mean temperature (due to the day's low) in more than three weeks.  Despite the dreary conditions, fans went home happy as the Mets beat the Cardinals, 9-4.  Rating: 4 


2019 (April 4) - Partly cloudy and breezy, with seasonable temperatures (mid-50s).  For the first time since 1992 the Mets were shut out at their home opener, falling to the Nationals, 4-0.  This broke a four-year home opener winning streak. Rating: 6 


2020 (July 24) - The COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc across the nation, including sports of all kinds, which stopped playing in mid-March.  And although the Mets home opener was played in mid-summer, it didn't have the warmest reading of any home opener. 

Under mostly cloudy skies, the temperature during the game was in the the upper 70s (average high is 84°), which was cooler than home openers in 1977 (90°), 1991 (90°) and 1998 (86°), and similar to 2001's season opener; however, it was on the humid side, with dew points hovering around 70°.  As for the game, the Mets beat Atlanta, 1-0 - the third time it won a home opener by this score (the other times were in 1998 and 2012; the 2012 game was also played against Atlanta).  Rating: 7


Mets 2020 home opener


2021 (April 8) -  Skies were sunny, the mercury rose to 70° shortly after the first pitch, and the Mets came from behind in the bottom of the ninth inning to win their game against Miami, 3-2.  (Their first walk-off win on Opening Day since 1985.)  As so often happens, the Mets had better home-opener weather than the Yankees, as skies were brighter, and it was about twenty degrees warmer.  Rating: 10    


2022 (April 15) - Conditions during this year's home opener were a replica of last year's as skies were sunny and the temperature rose to 70°.  The visiting team, the Arizona Diamondbacks, probably felt at home because of the very low humidity, which dropped to 13% at the time of the first pitch.  But the hospitality ended there as the Mets easily won the game, 1o-3.  Rating: 10


2023 (April 7) - Delayed by one day, the game was played in seasonable temperatures (mid-50s) and under mostly sunny skies.  (Yesterday's game was postponed because rain was forecast, but none fell and the high reached 80°, a record for the date.  This was the first Mets home opener to be postponed. )  Similar to last year's home opener, afternoon humidity was very low and dipped to 16% as the game was getting under way.  As for the game, the Mets easily topped Miami, 9-3.  Rating (on the day of the original Opener): 7


2024 (March 28) - For the second year in a row Opening Day's game was postponed.  (This year it was because of light rain; last year it was in anticipation of rain that didn't materialize.)  The next day the game was played in very windy conditions (gusts of 30-40 mph), skies were partly cloudy, and the afternoon temperature was in the seasonable low-to-mid-50s.  But unlike last year, the Mets lost the game (to Milwaukee) and got just one hit.  Rating (on the day of original Opener): 2 

Game information cited in the recaps comes from the Baseball Almanac website.









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Jeffrey Hirschman

2009 (April 13) - After a very chilly start (34°, the coldest reading of the month) afternoon temperatures rose into the upper 50s, a few degrees below average. Unfortunately, the Mets lost the game to San Diego, the first game at Citifield. Rating: 5

The 2009 First game ever at Citi Field was the only Met Home opener played at night. Temps might have be adjusted down for that game. Thanks!


Thanks for pointing that out, Jeffrey! I've revised the entry to point out that the temperature fell back to the low 50s when the first pitch was thrown.

Jeffrey Hirschman


Thanks for changing it so quickly!

My 3 favorite things are Family, Mets and NY Weather!
My daughter bought me tickets for the 2020 opener its on March 26th which is very early. What would be the average temperatures in Queens on that date?

Thanks and Happy New Year!

Jeffrey Hirschman

With baseball starting in July we should have the warmest home opener ever this year.


Perhaps not, as Opening Day 1977 and 1991 had highs of 90 an 1998's was 86.

Jeffrey Hirschman

Good point Rob! Well we know it won't be the coldest opener this year!!


1997 opener vs the Giants was a doubleheader on a Sunday as the original opener on Saturday, April 12th was rained out if was played on a Saturday because the Mets and Yankees were both schedule at home that weekend as the Yanks played on Friday, April 11th. On April 12th after a hour rain delay they called the game .

I was at Shea Stadium both days and April 13th is my birthday!

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