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Looking Back at New York Weather: May 15


1964 (Friday)

Today and the previous two days were the only days with measurable rain this month, which became the third driest May on record (0.57" was measured). 


2004 (Saturday)

After a sultry high of 87° (sixteen degrees above average), the day ended with heavy rain between 9 PM and midnight that amounted to 1.16".  Although it wasn't a tremendous amount, it set a record for the date, breaking 1898's record by 0.02".




2018 (Tuesday)

The afternoon was very warm and humid, with a high of 88°, and ended turbulently as a quick-moving line of severe thunderstorms struck as the evening rush hour was beginning.  This caused long delays for train commuters waiting at Grand Central Station and widespread cancellations for air travelers, like me (trying to return from Pittsburgh).  In a little more than two hours, 0.58" of rain poured down. Wind gusts of 55, 54 and 53 mph were clocked at JFK, LaGuardia and Newark airports; by contrast, Central Park was protected and a had a peak gust of only 30 mph.


Severe thunderstorm of may 15 2018







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