Today in New York Weather History: May 9
Today in New York Weather History: Mother's Day Weather Highlights

Today in New York Weather History: May 11


1888 (Friday)

Of all of the dates that have had the temperature stuck in the 60s, this is the earliest in the year it has occurred (the latest date is 11/21).  The  high/low was 67°/62° and an all-day rain soaked Central Park with 1.63", which was a record for the date (until 1981). 


1913 (Sunday)

One week after back-to-back highs of 89° (both were records until 2001), yesterday's and today's lows were in the 30s.  Today's low of 36° was a record that still stands.


1924 (Sunday)

With a high/low of 49°/44°, this is the only Mother's Day in which temperatures never got out of the 40s.  (Mother's Day 2019 would have daytime temperatures in the 40s but before sunrise temperatures were in the 50s.)  It was a breezy day, with late afternoon showers (0.25" was measured).


1975 (Sunday)

Today was Mother's Day and its high/low of 72°/53° (slightly above average) was identical to last year's.  One big difference was that no rain fell this year, while 0.53" fell during the evening of  Mother's Day 1974.


1981 (Monday)

Rain fell for much of the day, amounting to 1.67" - a record for the date.  It came down heaviest between 7-9 PM, when 0.70" poured down. 




1993 (Tuesday)

After a morning low of 57,° the mercury climbed rapidly and topped out at 92°, a record for the date.  This was the year's first of thirty-nine 90-degree days (tying 1991 for the most on record).


1998 (Monday)

4.32" of rain fell between May 8-11, the typical amount of rain for the entire month of May.  Today's rainfall totaled 0.68".




1999 (Tuesday)

For the past seven days low temperatures were between 54° and 56° degrees, a few degrees milder than average.  Highs, however, were more variable, ranging between 58° and 73°.


2013 (Saturday)

A strong thunderstorm during mid-afternoon dumped 0.87" of rain between 3-4 PM.  Earlier in the day, the morning low of 61° was the first 60-degree low of the year; this was eight degrees milder than average.



2014 (Sunday)

Today's high of 82° topped that of Mother's Day 2012 by one degree, making it the warmest since 1993 (Mother's Day 2015 would top this by one degree).







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2015 - today had the first 70° low of the year. earliest occurrence since 2002 when the date was 4/17 (earliest first 70° low on record)


2018 - ten of the first eleven days this month had above average temperatures. yesterday was only 0.7° below normal. the average mean temperature during May 1 to May 11 was 68.3°. only three other years have experienced a warmer first eleven days of May. they occurred in 2000 (68.6°), 2001 (69.0°) and 1930 (71.3°).

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