Looking Back at New York Weather History: May 2
A Look Back at New York Weather: May 4

Today in New York Weather History: May 3


1983 (Tuesday)

A week-long warm spell had temperatures that averaged 12 degrees warmer than average.  However, today's high of 79° would turn out to be the mildest reading of the month - not very warm for that distinction.  In fact, the last time the warmest reading in May was cooler than 80° was more than 30 years ago.  (It would happen again in 2003 and 2005.)



2001 (Thursday)

With a high of 90°, today was the third day in a row with a record high.  (And tomorrow would be the fourth in a row, when the high reached 92°, the hottest of the four days).

2010 (Monday)

1.29" of rain fell between midnight and 8 AM, with more than half of it coming down between 3:30-4:30, when 0.67" fell.




2012 (Thursday)

An overnight thunderstorm dumped 0.43" of rain between 1-2 AM.

2016 (Tuesday)

The 0.61" of rain that fell today, mostly before daybreak, made this the rainiest day in ten weeks (since 1.21" fell on 2/24).

2018 (Thursday)

After yesterday's high of 90° tied the record from 2001, today's high of 92°, twenty-four degrees above average, broke the previous record - also from 2001. 

2020 (Sunday)

Two days after a 16-day streak with below average temperatures ended, and the day after New York had its first reading in the 70s since March 20, today had the year's first reading in the 80s (80°).  This was the first year since 2014 to have its first 80 in May rather than in April (average date of the first 80°+ reading is 4/22).






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also in 2018, the low of 70° was the third earliest date on record for a low in the 70s. the only two years with an earlier date for this occurrence are 1976 (4/18) and 2002 (4/17). this came one year after the latest date ever for a 70°+ low was established (on 10/09).


And to think that in April of this year we had only three days with highs of 70 or warmer - the fewest since 2000.


I saw on your twitter account an early 90° day doesn't always precede a torrid summer, but how often does an early low temperature of 70°+ precede a torrid summer?

Ken K. in NJ

Hi Rob. Not a noteworthy weather event, but I should mention that the weather on May 3, 1981 was absolutely perfect. Clear skies, low humidity, Temps in the low 70's as I recall.

Oh, also, I got married that day. Today's my 40th Wedding Anniversary.


Happy anniversary, Ken! On a wedding day, uneventful, nice conditions are the perfect gift from Mother Nature. The last thing you want is record heat, cold, rain ...

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