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1886 (Wednesday)

A tropical storm passing to the south of New York, dropped 1.20" of rain.  Cloud cover and rain kept the temperature in the 60s all day (high/low of 66°/62°).

1901 (Sunday)

The month's paltry 1.00" of rain (today was the last day with rain) was sandwiched between four months that each had more than six inches (April and May, July and August).

1918 (Sunday)

During a time in June when highs average around 80°, today's temperature got no higher than 59°.  And the low of 49° was a record (which still stands).

2003 (Monday)

Today was the seventeenth day this month with a low in the 50s, passing June 1965 as the June with the most such days in the years since 1960.

2009 (Tuesday)

This morning's low of 66° was nothing remarkable except for the fact that it was the warmest low temperature of the month, making it the "coolest" temperature for a maximum low in June (got that?) of any year since 1970.  1972 and 1979 are the only other years that didn't have a low of 70° or warmer in June.




2015 (Tuesday)

Today's high was 90°, the year's first 90-degree reading, which was nearly four weeks later than usual (but earlier than last year's, which didn't happen until 7/2).  The day was hazy, and the air thick with humidity, which produced a heat index in the mid-90s.  Turbulent weather rolled through the area late in the afternoon, but Manhattan escaped the severe storms as just 0.02" of rain was measured in Central Park.

2017 (Friday)

For the fourth day in a row the high was 83°, a few degrees above average.  Today's high was noteworthy since the day's low was a very uncomfortable 76°; a low that warm is usually a springboard for a high in the 90s (or at least in the upper 80s).  Mostly overcast skies and high humidity (dew points were in the 70s all day, peaking at 75°) prevented the temperature from rising very much.  

2021 (Wednesday)

Today's low of 55° was the chilliest reading of the month (but far from 1918's record of 49°), and the coolest reading this late in June since 1995, when a low of 54° occurred on June 28.







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The 2009 entry is actually the ALL TIME record for such a thing in June, tieing 1916 which also had 66 as its highest low temperature during the month of June.

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