Looking Back at New York Weather: June 21
Looking Back at New York City Weather: June 23

Today in New York Weather History: June 22


1972 (Thursday)

Rain and gusty winds from the remnants of Hurricane Agnes moved through the area, mostly between 7 AM and 7 PM.  By the standards of tropical systems, rainfall wasn't particularly heavy as just 1.19" was measured.  This paled in comparison to the catastrophic 8-12 inches that Agnes dumped on parts of New York state and Pennsylvania.  Although the main thrust of the storm was today, persistent wraparound rain would fall tomorrow and on the morning of June 25, delivering an additional 1.39".




1988 (Wednesday)

The day after a record high of 97°, today's hit 98°, another record.  This was the hottest reading in June since 1966 when the mercury shot up to 101° on June 27. 

1999 (Tuesday)

Low temperatures during the past seven days were between 58° and 60°: 58°-58°-58°-59°-60°-59°-58° (today).  These readings were about five degrees cooler than average.  Afternoon highs, however, were more variable, ranging between 66° and 83°.  

2003 (Sunday)

Between May 21 and today 12.83" of rain was measured, falling on twenty-two of the thirty-three days.  (Typically, eleven days would have rain in a 33-day period.)

2006 (Thursday)

Although it was a very wet month, with 8.55" of rain measured, the thirteen days between June 10 and today had no rain.  (6.15" fell between June 1-9 and 2.50" from June 23-30.)

No rain with umbrella

2020 (Monday)

Today's high of 90° was the first reading of 90+ this year.  And although it was about four weeks later than the average date of the first 90, it came a week earlier than last year.  Skies were partly cloudy, and it was on the humid side.

2022 (Wednesday)

It was an overcast, cool and somewhat damp day (some sprinkles, mist, and fog from mid-afternoon onward).  Temperatures were stuck in the 60s, with a high/low of 67°/62; the high was 15 degrees cooler than average, but the low was just 5 degrees under.  This was the only day this month with a high in the 60s, and the first since another high of 67° occurred on 5/24.  





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also in 2003, from a temperature perspective, today's high of 67° was the fifth day of the past six not to reach 70°, as well as the eleventh, and final, such day this month. this was the second most number of such days in June on record behind sixteen such days in June of 1903 (and tomorrow's high temperature would be twenty-one degrees warmer!).

Jeffrey Hirschman

When is the average day of the first 90 in NYC?


May 28

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